UNITED STATES—In a September 15 press release, America First Legal (AFL) with Pennsylvania attorney, Wally Zimolong of Zimolong Law, announced a lawsuit against Chester County, Pennsylvania, after footage depicted people dropping off multiple election ballots for the May 2022 primary election. It violates Pennsylvania election code that states that mailed or absentee ballots must either be returned by mail or by the individual voter.


“You are prohibited from delivering or returning anyone else’s ballot even if that person is your spouse, parent, grandparent other relatives, or friend. If a voter has a disability or is voting by an emergency absentee ballot, the voter may have someone deliver their ballot only if both parties have signed an official written authorization. Counterfeiting, forging, tampering with, or destroying ballots is a second-degree misdemeanor pursuant to sections 1816 and 1817 of the Pennsylvania election code. Notify Chester County election office immediately in the event that the receptacle is full not functioning or damaged in any fashion.”

The footage was obtained by AFL invoking the right-to-know law. 

Thirteen ballot boxes were placed in 13 areas of Chester County. According to AFL, only 11 of the 13 were watched. Voters had access to the remaining two ballot boxes 24 hours a day. Surveillance depicted what AFL called, “A shocking brazen breach of the election code” when 330 individuals deposited void, invalid, or multiple ballots at once.

“This egregious finding is not only a violation of state law, but it has the power to actually sway elections entirely. For example, the Pennsylvania Republican primary for United States Senate was decided by less than 900 votes,” said AFL in a statement.

AFL indicated they are pursuing this because the November 8 General Election is less than two months away. They want to “ensure that the Chester County election board complies with its mission statement ‘to conduct fair, accurate, and impartial, elections,’” pursuant to the PA election code.

“America First Legal continues its civil rights crusade by defending the integrity of the franchise. Surveillance video shows widespread illegal use of ballot ‘drop boxes’ with multiple ballots being deposited—also known as vote trafficking—in flagrant violation of the law. This is our second lawsuit in 15 days in Pennsylvania, suing election officials for their lawless conduct and egregious violation of Americans’ sacred right to ensure their vote is not canceled out by fraud or criminal activity,” said America’s First Legal President Stephen Miller.

AFL is demanding all ballot boxes be physically monitored and that the Chester County Election Board fulfill its duties by ensuring that void and invalid ballots are not mixed and counted in future elections.