HOLLYWOOD—We are indeed reaching the end “Perfectionists” fanatics! With only two episodes left before the finale, the twists, turns and secrets are rearing their ugly head. The episode, ‘Hook, Line and Booker’ kicked off with Ali and Mona educating the trio not to fall for Dana Booker’s trap, which Dylan seemed to be doing all too well.

Taylor Hotchkiss got re-acclimated to society as news of her return for the death came to light in Beacon Heights. I swear this woman echoes Alison so much, but the difference is she doesn’t have that mean girl edge that Ali displayed on “Pretty Little Liars.” Mona is still weary of Taylor, and I must agree, the girl is definitely hiding something big, which I don’t think we’ll find out anytime soon.

Ava was starting to let her guard down as she got closer to Zach, even though Nolan was on her mind the entire episode, like literally. In an interesting development, it looks like Jeremy is hiding some secrets, and Caitlin was eager to learn what he was keeping on that laptop. Ali got chummy with Gabriel, another teacher at the university. I must say it was nice to see Ali move on from her divorce from Emily.

Mona was determined to get the goods on Dana Booker to diffuse the threat as soon as possible. Dana knows the weak link in the trio is Dylan who seems to be a bit of a pushover. Mona and Mason continued to dance around their relationship as they played chess. Looks like Mason is all in, but Mona is the one who is hesitant. Dylan argued with Caitlin and Ava in a public sphere which caught the attention of Mona, Ali and Dana of course.

At a school mixer, Taylor made the rounds just as it became apparent that some major friction is emerging between Taylor and her mother Claire. Claire is definitely hiding something big people. Jeremy was up to no good, which prompted Caitlin to follow him. Just when it looked like Dylan was about to crack, the audience learned the trio staged a fight to get the goods on Dana and to neutralize.

Gabriel and Ali shared a steamy kiss, but it was halted when Ali learned he was married. Caitlin witnessed Jeremy getting rid of that laptop which he tossed in the lake. Hmm, what doesn’t he want the rest of the world to know? Mona and Mason finally gave into temptation and gave into a passionate kiss that turned into love making. The episode culminated with Caitlin being caught by Jeremy who forced his secret lover into his vehicle. Oh, this is getting good. Until next week “Perfectionists” fanatics!