UNITED STATES─This column is a direct follow-up to the piece I wrote about the Coronavirus because it really got my wheels churning in a way that I never expected. There are some Americans out there who are just plain nasty. I happen to be out and about at a massive mall and after using the restroom it irked my skin to the core. Some people are disgusting. I don’t understand how so many people think its ok to use the restroom and to not wash their hands. It is the most awful thing to witness and I used to be silent about calling people out, but with the big issue of the Coronavirus all people can talk about I couldn’t be quiet.

Yes, I called people out who was getting ready to leave the restroom without washing their hands. Look this was not me attempting to publicly shame people, it was to point out to them what you’re doing is not sanitary; you can spread bacteria or worse a virus. It takes 20 seconds tops to properly wash your hands people. There is no excuse in the world as to why you cannot wash your hands.

I mean the thought just ushered into my head that these individuals are about to go thru this entire mall touching objects, touching other people, trying on clothes, I got the heebie jebbies just thinking about it. What would make someone think its ok to just use the restroom and not wash their hands. Was this something they were taught as a kid, it’s a habit they just care not to break? What please explain this to me?

Because if you left the bathroom without washing your hands, there is a good chance that you just ate some food as well, without cleaning your hands. It’s like getting up in the morning and going about your way without brushing your teeth, taking a shower or washing your body for those of us who have access to do so. I mean why wouldn’t you take the time to ensure your hygiene was properly in place if you had the opportunity to do so? Are we such a busy culture or do we want to give off the perception that 30 seconds to clean one’s hands, or 10-15 minutes in the shower is an impossible task?

Um, I think not, but what kind of message are we sending to our children? We all know children mimic what they see. If they see you not taking care of your hygiene it is very likely to influence them to not care about their hygiene. It’s a double-edged sword people. If you teach a good habit it is one that will continue to follow you the rest of your life; it becomes second nature and you never forget about it.

Written By Zoe Mitchell