UNITED STATES—On Thursday, July 2, Lisa Torres shared pictures of her dog, Cheddar after a trip to the groomers on Facebook. Torres took Cheddar to the local Petsmart.

Torres stated in the post on June 18:

“Petsmart finally opened up for grooming so I took Cheddar to get a much needed cut from his groomer. A couple minutes later I get a call from her saying she couldn’t do his cut because he bit her twice.”

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Torres’s Facebook

“Now I have to walk around with this dude looking crazy. I swear when i say i had tears in my eyes and stomach pains from laughing so hard. I couldn’t even leave the parking lot for a good 10 minutes because I had to get myself together. I had to get myself together. I’m about to give this dude up for adoption. Lol.”

The post has received over 164,000 shares and 93,000 likes. One comment from the post stated that Cheddar ‘still looks so handsome.’