BEVERLY HILLS— If you haven’t notice it has been pretty cold these days in and around Los Angeles. We need to keep up with this cold weather and even look for more suitable clothing that will keep us warm.  We have to adapt to these low temperatures but so do our pets.

Many believe that our four legged furry friends are already protected against the cold because of their fur but this is not necessarily true because they still need the extra protection. This is why we need to be specially careful to protect our puppies, kittens and of course any ill or aging pet.
If we have a dog then the amount of protective clothing they will need should be  in accordance with their breed.  The breeds with shorter hair need longer and thicker protective clothing for outside walks and for areas where temperatures get really low. However, the long hair breeds like the huskies usually do not need to wear any protective clothing because they have a large mount of  fur and thus better protection from the cold but a good brushing of their coat is highly recommended to maintain their coats in healthy condition.

If we have a cat at home then all they usually need to stay warn is a safe and cozy place. They do not need protective clothing for the cold weather, although some owners  prefer to put a cat sweater on them for extra warmth. Cats do not tolerate the cold weather as good as dogs and so they will look for a comfortable spot inside their homes were they can feel warm. For this reason, they will usually choose a place that is near the fireplace or a warn bed and so it might be a good idea to get your cat their own bed if you do not allow your cat to sleep in your bed. Cats do not need protective clothing for the cold weather although some owners  prefer to put a cat sweater on them for extra warmth. The decision usually depend on whether the cat feels comfortable with the sweater and doesn’t make every effort to take it off.

Here are more useful tips to help your pets stay warm:

-Animals outside are exposed more to the cold weather so keep them inside or make sure they have a rain coat or a jacket for the snow and protection for their four paws.
-Groom your pets accordingly and shave their coats only if necessary.
-Animals eat more during the cold weather since their bodies are utilizing more energy. Its okay to feed them more but if overweight is a concern then consult your veterinarian and or buy weight control food.
-Play with them and keep them active so that their bodies stay warm.
I hope these tips help you and help your furry friends to stay warm in this cold climate. These tips are merely suggestions and you should always consult your veterinarian for individual care and for any questions that might arise.