INDIANAPOLIS—On Wednesday 20, quarterback Philip Rivers announced his retirement from National Football League. The 39 year old played a total of 17 seasons within the NFL. The former San Diego/ Los Angeles Chargers QB played his final time in the league playing for the Indianapolis Colts.

Rivers made it to the playoffs a total of seven times.

“It’s just time,” Rivers told Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “It’s just right.”

The announcement of Rivers retirement comes after the QB sat down with NFL networks Ian Rapoport and discussed the stars options as far as to retire or return to the Colts after relocating his family to Indianapolis.

“I talked to people close to him,” said Acee . “It sounds like it is up in the air, but retirement is very real.”

Rivers was selected number four during the 2004 NFL draft. It wasn’t until his third year, when the QB was bumped up to the starting line up.

Establishing himself as a playmaker he threw for 3,388 passing yards , 22 touchdowns, and  Nine interception. As Rivers got older he spent the next 15 years in the NFL with 3,000 passing yards, 12 of which were thrown for a total 4,000 yards.

Rivers currently holds the fifth spot for passing yards and touchdowns. Of the 63,440 yards thrown his completed percentage was 64.9. The QB threw 421 touchdowns and 209 interceptions.

Durning his college career Rivers attended North Carolina state. The QB has also made it into the pro bowl for eight appearances. He lead the league In passing yards with  4,710 and 34 touchdowns in the year of 2008.

“He’s never hesitated to attack downfield, could fit throws into tight windows throughout his career and was still effective in his final season for a playoff team” stated on Bleacher Report.

Rivers will be leaving behind the NFL however he will be calling the shots as the head coach of St. Michael Catholic High School football team in Alabama.

“I can sit here and say, ‘I can still throw it. I love to play,'” Rivers told Acee. “But that’s always going to be there. I’m excited to go coach high school football.”