HOLLYWOOD—Summer is becoming an absolute brat on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” Phyllis was spot on when she decided to call out her daughter on her antics. What specifically? The fact that Summer was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together to realize that Phyllis and Nick slept together. Phyllis was not pleased with that revelation and neither was Nick. Nick and Phyllis are well aware if this secret is unearthed that all hell will break loose.

Why? Sharon will be livid that Nick cheated on her once again with Phyllis; Billy will be in utter shock that Phyllis slept with the person he despises most. However, there is more to tell. Summer is really amplifying her interest in Billy thanks to that bet she made with Kyle. Billy and Summer have kissed, but Phyllis has NO IDEA what her daughter has been doing behind closed doors. Well, that changed this week, when after weeks of attempting to seduce Billy, Phyllis snapped on her daughter and delivered one hell of a slap. It was all courtesy of Kyle spilling the tea to Phyllis about Summer’s plan to seduce Billy. Mother was seething red when she discovered what her daughter was up to. Look we’ve seen catfights before on soap operas, but nothing of this magnitude America. It was slightly disturbing, but entertaining as hell to see mother and daughter go at it.

Billy’s world is about to be complicated even more, now that he knows the landlord to the property he just purchased is owned by Nick. Yeah, this situation is about to get quite messy to say the least because it seems Ashley, Kyle and Jack are working overtime to dethrone Billy from the top of Jabot. The audience still has no idea how Ashley will vacate the canvas, and it seems her orbit is really starting to heat up, now that she has been hooking up with Neil.

Neil has been pretty busy lately, with running operations at Hamilton-Winters, while playing referee between Lily and Devon. Lily is remorseful, but it seems all her efforts are falling on deaf ears. Why? Devon has given her the cold shoulder. The mere thought of even being in a room with his sister drives him crazy. Making the situation worse is the possibility that Lily could face a hefty amount of time behind bars for her role in Hilary’s death. It seems the only person who seems to speak the truth in this madness is Nate.

The guy is right: given Devon some space and allow him to process things the best way that he chooses. You cannot force someone to forgive you it has to be something they want you to do. However, Nate is already making an enemy in Victoria Newman. He pried into her mental state, which caused Nikki to talk Nate down. It just popped in my head, what if NATE of all people is the one to discover that Nikki killed J.T. and the crime was covered up with the help of Victoria, Sharon and Phyllis. I wonder what he would do with that Intel.

There is a new face in town, a guy named Rey (Jordi Vilasuso), who seems intrigued to put the pieces of the puzzle about J.T.’s disappearance together. He is already starting to make connections with Nick and Sharon, and I sense he might be a detective of some sort of government officials who has been tasked with solving a mystery and he has the Newman clan and those he suspect guilty of a crime in his crosshairs. The audience doesn’t know much about Rey’s backstory, but I’m certain in the coming weeks hints will be dropped.

As I will predict NOW, the truth about J.T. and the fearsome fours role in his demise will likely hit the fan come late October early November. Sweeps are still a few months away, but I feel the hints are being dropped now for big things on “The Young and the Restless.”