HOLLYWOOD—Who would have expected Phyllis Summers to take a piece out Diane Jenkins playbook to exact her revenge on “The Young and the Restless.” After causing a spectacle at the big gala, Phyllis fainted and was immediately rushed to the hospital. There is just one problem that ambulance that Phyllis was in never made it to the hospital. It was involved in a ‘crash’ and Phyllis and the driver of that ambulance were declared dead. The ripple effects have shaken Genoa City to its core.

Summer and Daniel are an emotional mess knowing they cut their mother out of their lives before her demise. Summer is lashing out at everyone, and that acting by Allison Lanier was not as believable as I wanted it to be for a daughter dealing with regret and mourning. Daniel, however, Michael Grazadei was perfection in his role. It was subtle, yet gripping, as his bond with Lily is growing people. There is just a matter of time before Daniel and Lily’s friendship reaches the next level.

Jack Abbott is speechless, the former love of his life is ‘dead,’ while his bride to be, Diane is looking like the prime target in Phyllis’ master plan. How so? Diane retrieved that necklace Phyllis took from her before she passed out. Not to mention that Michael has a voicemail from Phyllis the night she ‘died’ claiming she feared for her life because of Diane Jenkins. That VM Michael played for Christine, who is baffled that she now has to seek justice for her nemesis. Talk about a full circle event people: Christine being tasked with seeking justice for the woman who tried to kill her decades ago: talk about crazy people.

Lauren is grieving for turning her back on her bestie, Nikki and Ashley are in shambles that they couldn’t stop Diane’s reign of terror and Amanda is also grieving the loss of her bestie. GC is taking this demise hard, but little do they know, Phyllis is very much alive in a secret location where she was visited by Jeremy Stark. Stark really shouldn’t have married Phyllis secretly days leading up to her death. It only cast more suspicion on his relationship with the redhead and her certain disappearance.

Phyllis upon reading the news is realizing she may have made a grave mistake by faking her death to get her revenge. Why? Her kids are at the top of the list. She is concerned about how her children are reacting to her death, and it has resulted in the feisty one dealing with massive remorse, just as Jeremy tried to assure her all will be well and she can’t back out now. Stark is the focal point for both Jack and Victor Newman who are teaming up. Yes, enemies become allies as they plan to seek the truth about Jeremy’s possible involvement in Phyllis sudden departure.

On the defense is Kyle and Diane. Kyle is doing his best to reason with his wife who is lashing out at his mother for her physical assault on Phyllis and the threats she levied at Phyllis before her demise. Yes, Diane, things are not looking good for you, and it appears Jeremy and Phyllis goal is to frame Diane for ‘poisoning’ Phyllis before she collapsed. Chance has spilled that news to Summer who is staying mum for now, but boiling inside to blurt out what she knows. Good thing she has her mother’s memorial to plan to focus on that, as everyone in her family is constantly coddling her, and she is lashing out as a result. The next phase of the plan is about to kickoff, which means the people who were right to suspect Diane might be proven correct, Ashley being one of the top at the list.

Other happenings are taking place in GC, in particular the Nate, Audra, Elena and Victoria quadrangle. Nate is still drawn to Victoria’s orbit and this week the relationship finally hit the next level as the two slept together. There is one massive problem: they got caught, by Nick Newman of all people. Nick is not a fan of his sister being used, and considering Nate is in a relationship with Elena. This is only complicated by Audra who is eyeing Nate for reasons I cannot fathom.  Some is about to spill that secret and it is going to cause all sorts of problems real soon people.

Audra is utilizing Tucker to get what she wants: the return of JT! Yeah, that is a massive bomb considering what JT did to Victoria; that domestic violence storyline was intense, not to mention that Victoria, Phyllis, Nikki and Sharon was culpable in a so called murder cover-up that never occurred. Victoria will not be happy with JT’s return and the fact that Audra is using Elena to help JT return to town only complicates the situation more. A JT return to GC, just as Victoria is canoodling with a man who she knows has a lover, can’t wait!