UNITED STATES—All citizens around California will be delighted to see lockdown restrictions that had been in place for COVID-19 begin to ease. It allows businesses to open safely, communities to start to get back to normal, and people to get outside in the fresh air once again. While using a BetMGM Online promo code will have given people around the US something to do during the lockdown, being able to get out and about again is a real blessing. Not only for the social side of leaving the house once more – many people around California will be looking to get fit and active again.

Although you may live somewhere like Bel Air, Laurel Canyon, or Malibu, the state of California is a big place to explore. There are bound to be some places you can visit to get active again, which you have not come across before or have not been to for a while. It also means there is an excellent range of activities on offer to enjoy around the state. If you fancy ditching the gym and getting active outside, Cali has got you covered.

But which are the best places to visit in California and get fit again after lockdown?


Located around 165 miles east of San Francisco, Yosemite is a great way to get out of Los Angeles County and the buzz of LA. It is also perfect for engaging with fun activities that can help you improve your fitness. The great thing about this beautiful park is that it has a wide selection of enjoyable activities. For those who are less daring, gentle walks or bike rides along the many trails are very relaxing. If you like to get your adrenaline pumping, why not try out rock-climbing or rafting at Yosemite? Just remember to fit in a visit to Glacier Point when you are walking or riding around the park – the views it gives are amazing and they make the trek to it worthwhile.

Lake Tahoe

Another excellent spot for anyone looking to get active around California is Lake Tahoe. The great thing about this beautiful lake is that it is an all-year-round attraction. If you head there in summer, cool activities like swimming or kayaking on the lake’s calm waters are a pleasurable way to pass the time. There is also some great hiking to be had as the Sierra Nevada mountains form a backdrop to be explored. Come the winter; it is all about the snow! Skiing is a popular pastime during the winter months around Lake Tahoe, as is snowboarding. Whatever you choose to do, this amazing lake on the border with Nevada provides plenty of ways to stay fit.

Joshua Tree National Park

Another very famous place for outdoor activities in California is the Joshua Tree National Park. Heading here for a day of fun will certainly help you burn off some calories and feel much healthier. The park is set in a massive 800,000 acres and has numerous fun things to try out to get fitter. Rock climbing is big here, and there are many routes to enjoy along with the fantastic scenery. For a real adventure, why not give horse riding a try? It is a great workout and helps you to see the park from another perspective. Close to Palm Springs and about 140 miles east of LA, this wild landscape is something that everyone should experience.

The beach!

Anyone who lives in LA or around Cali knows we have some of the best beaches in the whole of the USA on our doorstep. From Laguna Beach to Big Sur, Santa Monica, and beyond, the beaches around the state are simply stunning. Now that lockdown measures are easing, Cali’s beaches are the ideal place to get active and fit. Rather than merely sun-bathing, why not go for a run on the sand or play a few games of soccer or volleyball? Engaging in activities like those will help boost your fitness and will still leave you plenty of time to chill out afterward. If you head to Santa Monica beach, you also have the bonus of checking out Santa Monica pier, which is now open again.

California is a great place to get active

The above are just a few ideas on where you could visit around the state of California to get your fitness back to where you want it. Even a brief look around the internet will throw up lots of other cool places you could head to get active again as well. With so much to see as you do, you will be sure to have lots of fun as you go.