LOS FELIZ—Plans for a high-speed underground train to transport baseball fans to Dodger Stadium was announced by The Boring Company on Wednesday, August 15.

The 3.6-mile hyper-loop known as the Dugout Loop will provide the public an affordable option to get to the stadium in around four minutes or less along LA’s Metro Red Line. The Dugout Loop will help reduce traffic in Los Angeles and congestion around the stadium.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted about the announcement stating, “Always exciting to see innovative ideas like the proposed Dugout Loop to @Dodger Stadium that could help ease congestion on our road’s and make our most iconic destinations more accessible to everyone.”

Construction for the Dugout Loop is expected to take around 14 months and will take place in Los Feliz or East Hollywood neighborhoods. Elon Musk, CEO of The Boring Company, stated to the press that the Dugout Loop will run under Vin Scully Avenue and Sunset Boulevard.

According to The Boring Company website, the western terminus will be headquartered on private property owned by The Boring Company and will be located near the proximity of a Metro Red Line station.  There are three Metro Red Line stations located near the western terminus that will be examined for the proposed project: Vermont/Sunset Station, Vermont/Santa Monica Station, and Vermont/Beverly Station.

Passengers will load into electric skates, which access the Dugout Loop tunnel from the surface via a ramp or elevator. Electric skates are the zero emissions vehicles that can carry 8-16 passengers through the Loop system. The electric skates are located around the Tesla Model X platform and are propelled by multiple electric motors.

Western Terminus Configuration.
Photo courtesy of The Boring Company website.

The tunnel is expected to be 30 and 44 feet below the ground surface. The loop will have emergency exits along the tunnel route.

Riders of the underground train will travel up to 125-150 miles per hour. The fares have not been finalized, but patrons are expected to pay only $1 to ride. For those in the community with questions about the dugout loop email dugout@boringcompany.com.

Written By Nina Garza and Kelsey Thomas