HOLLYWOOD—Looks like the ABC soap “ General Hospital” is making plans to keep viewers tuned in with its string of surprises and revelations in current weeks. The big saga involving who Levi ‘really’ is has finally come to a head. The bombshell he dropped on Lulu and Maxie left the ladies reeling, just as Dante and Nathan came to the ladies rescue. Looks like the writers could finally be building a storyline for Felicia to actively have her in pursuit of something besides being the damsel in distress, since her return nearly a year ago.

The love triangle between Britt, Nikolas and Elizabeth continues as the ladies fight over Nik’s affections. It appears just as much as he’s grown smitten with Britt, his feelings for Elizabeth are just as strong. I have a feeling another secret from Britt’s past is about to explode in her face big time. This complicated love triangle has nothing on Sonny, Franco and Carly. Carly has been riddled with guilt ever since betraying Franco and sleeping with her former flame Sonny. It just seems these two are meant to be together because they make the worse decisions in times of crisis.

Franco will be seething red when he learns about Carly’s betrayal which will present Ava all the ammunition she needs to take Sonny down once and for all. She keeps failing to realize that Sonny has a copy of what she has done, so even if Fake Luke gets the goods, it still places her in a tricky situation. I would say at this point, it’s safe to say a major death or two will take place come November sweeps.

All the strings are being carefully strewn to indicate that, which means either Julian or Ava bids farewell come November, never know it could be an even bigger casualty than expected. Nothing shocks the fans like a death that is unexpected.

I must say the recent storyline involving Robin, Patrick, Sam, Victor and Jason was stirring interest, but has all, but vanished. I really hate when that happens; you can’t build suspense and not deliver on it. It just makes the audience tune out even more. It’s become apparent that the writers are looking to push a Sam and Patrick hook-up, which will only falter once Jason, finally returns to the canvas of Port Charles. What’s even worse is when Sam learns Patrick knew Jason may have been alive the entire time.

Patrick will deal with more heartache when he discovers that it was Victor who was responsible for the accident that killed his newborn son. He’ll be out for blood, so will Sabrina, only she gets a hint from Carlos that perhaps Ava was responsible for the accident. Guess what’s even more twisted, Spencer lets it leak that perhaps Luke caused the accident. Wonder if Luke has the power to take on the all sinister Victor Cassadine. I seriously doubt he’d want to go toe-to-toe with that evil mastermind.

While one mastermind continues to fight for the revival of his deceased family members, another continues her hit list of taking out the people that wronged her. Nina Clay is indeed a sociopath.  She is so cunning with her actions; it’s difficult that no one has caught onto her ruse except for Sam.  Silas has already fallen under her spell, and the news that she is unable to conceive has her steaming red. This does not bode well with Ava, who might finally meet her match with a nemesis not afraid to take out her competition at any cost. I have a feeling a pregnant Ava, may not stay pregnant for too long.

The big news that “GH” fans have been waiting for is the revelation that “Young and Restless” alum Billy Miller has joined the cast of as the new Jason Morgan. Rumors had been running rampant for months that Miller could be taking over the role portrayed by “Y&R” star Steve Burton for nearly 20 years. I must say this is perfect casting for soap as I can’t see any other actor filling the iconic role of such a beloved character. No exact date for Miller’s debut as the mobster has been announced, but since the news has been leaked I would say it’s a safe bet Jason will show up to Port Charles before the end of the month.

“GH” fans should be aware that the time slot is changing for some areas. The soap which recently moved to the 2 p.m. time slot nearly a year ago, is moving back to 3 p.m. in some markets so check with your local provider for confirmation.