HOLLYWOOD—Already three episodes into season five and it appears Queen Bee Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is back to her old ways. Episode three “Surfing the Aftershocks” continued to examine the impact Alison’s return has had on our four favorite liars. The town of Rosewood was in shock with the revelation that Mrs. DiLaurentis is dead. Ali was in s state of misery; grieving for the woman who nearly killed her, as Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Aria (Lucy Hale) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) stood by her side.

Spencer confirmed what I’ve been thinking, there is no way Jason (Drew Van Acker) killed his mother. Spencer noticed a dress that Ali was wearing. It struck a major cord with Ali’s father, which frightened Spencer because she informed her BFF that her mom wore that dress to her ‘funeral.’ I have reason to believe that there’s more to the story, like the identity of the ‘The Woman in Black.’

Aria was not pleased to come face-to-face with Mona (Janel Parrish) who dropped a bombshell on her nemesis by revealing that Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding) was back in Rosewood. Hanna came to the rescue of her BFF to diffuse the tension. Mona was indeed pushing the liars’ buttons. She definitely knows more than what she’s revealing. Sydney (Chloe Bridges), a new swim team member made her entrance to Rosewood and has eyes for Emily.

Spencer spied on Ali from her bedroom, but was halted by Melissa (Torrey DeVitto).  “We’re not exactly the Hatfields and McCoys,” quipped Spence to Melissa.  The two siblings traded spars, and Spencer dug into Melissa’s secrets. Melissa warned her sister to stay away from Alison and her family. Hmm, I have reason to believe Melissa knows a hidden truth that could explain quite a bit about the rivalry between The DiLaurentis clan and The Hastings.

At the funeral home Ali spotted something in a painting that left her unnerved. A flashback revealed Mona teasing Hanna about wallowing in her grief with loads of food. It almost felt as if Mona used Alison as a way to get close to Hanna and to assume the role Ali vacated. Back at the Hastingsresidence, Mr. Hastings chatted with his daughter about possibly selling the home in the midst of a backyard scandal. Is that a bottle of scotch on the kitchen counter? Is Mr. Hastings uber “A?”

Ezra and Aria discussed his current situation, he asked her former flame to keep Ali’s secret. He indicated that there was no way Shana killed Mrs. D, which unnerved Aria. Hanna continues to realize that Mona played her the entire time that Ali was gone. Aria delivered Ali the manuscript that Ezra wrote, but it was apparent the two ladies aren’t as close as they once were.

Hanna and Emily returned to Philadelphia to get the goods on Jason, and questioned the watchdog Jason hired. Spencer did her best to convince Jason to stick around, just as Emily and Hanna ran into a dead end. Spencer and Jason dug into who his mom was secretly protecting. Jason warned our favorite little liar that she can’t trust her father. Mr. Hastings has always been a coy individual, and Melissa’s secret has indeed unnerved him to say the least.

Ali decided to pay Ezra a visit and confronted him that he was hiding information in regards to the manuscript for his book. Just exactly what is Ali looking for to stay protected? Hanna decided to confront Mona about her transformation into “Ali.” Hanna brings up a great point, why did Mona want faux Ali back in the mix. Spencer told Aria about her theory that her dad may have been the person that Mrs. D was protecting. Mr. Hastings came face-to-face with a frightened Alison who had her guard up. Do these two share a relationship that the audience has yet to uncover?

Emily was taken for a loop to see Paige (Lindsey Shaw) waiting on her front porch. It appears Paige wants to rekindle her relationship, but Emily is not to open to the idea. Spencer confronted her father about the email that Mrs. D was going to send, but was interrupted by Melissa. She later ripped up the evidence. Mr. Hastings attempted to diffuse the fire between his daughters. Melissa was ready to reveal something big, but her father halted the truth from being revealed. Aria dropped a bomb on Ezra by revealing she was the person who killed Shana.

Hanna decided to find her identity by dyeing her hair, just as Mona watched from a distance, but was confronted by another female. Not certain who that person is, but I’m dying to know who? Was that Alison? It seems like the more that is revealed on this series, the more questions that arise. Geez, I hope we discover what the big secret Melissa and Mr. Hastings are harboring. Until next week “PLL” fanatics!