UNITED STATES—On April 27, Bellevue Marshal’s Office made a statement on their Facebook page that Deputy Nate Sylvester has been suspended after complaints were made regarding an April 21, TikTok video Deputy Sylvester created and posted mocking NBA player LeBron James.

In the video, Sylvester does a skit portraying a call of a stabbing. In the middle of the call, he gets another call from LeBron James. Sylvester acts like he is asking the NBA star what he should do.

Sylvester says, “why does that matter?” He then goes on to say, “so, it’s okay if a black person kills another black person, but it’s not okay if a white officer kills a black person while a black person is attempting to kill another black person?”

Sylvester ended the calling referring to Michael Jordan as the Greatest of All Time.

Sylvester’s video has over 2.5 million views. The Post Millennial shared the video on Twitter bringing in an additional 158,000 views.

@KingJames tweeted in response to the policeman’s post, “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY.”

There has been a #GoFundMe account set up for officer Sylvester that reportedly raised $200,000.

Others, such as GadSaad challenged James telling him that his posts were full of hate and all they did was cause more hate.

The TikTok video the officer made was in reference to an incident in Ohio last week involving, Ma’Khia Bryant, a teen in foster care in Columbus, Ohio.

The teen’s foster mother told Newsweek that the dispute over some housework. Bryant was going after her foster mother with a knife when bodycam video footage captured the video below.

Officer Nick Reardon responded to the call shouting “get down,” three times, and then fires. killing Bryant.  The incident is currently under investigation.