UNITED STATES—I’m sick of it and I’m just going to say it and I don’t care if people get mad. You don’t have to be smart or intelligent to be in politics. That is a known fact. You just have to appear polished, have the backing of people with money and be persuasive as hell on the campaign trail. Why can I say this? Just look at how our politicians who are acting like complete idiots in Congress with Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jasmine Crockett and Alexandria Cortez-Occassio, those are just the most recent, there are plenty people.

Talk about embarrassing, it was literally the stupidest and most upsetting thing I have ever seen on Capitol Hill in the last few weeks. That is NOT the worst thing I have witnessed, but jeez, the politicians in the United States of America truly make you scratch your head about who we elect to serve us. I truly wish the politicians we place into office get that because both Democrats and Republicans act like they don’t know how to behave and be professional at the same time, cue the theatrics.

The people in politics deliver better performances than actual actors and actresses nowadays. I mean a political news station wants a sound bite, those members from the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate or even the state and local politicians are getting prepared for their closeup. They’ll say the stupidest, dumbest or most outlandish things that deliver click bait, and guess what the American public eats it up without doing proper fact-checking to ensure what they’ve just heard or read is accurate.

Are there reliable media sources out there? Hmm, you truly got to think about that because the media industry is run by dollars nowadays. Whoever throws the most money at plenty of these publications whether print or online tends to have a sway on not only what is reported, but how it is reported and that is a very sad. Journalism doesn’t exist the way it did in the golden days. Too many are rushing to post a story to deliver that traffic to the website it doesn’t even matter if it’s true or accurate anymore.

I want politicians to stop pandering to the camera and the media and do their actual job. You all should be able to handle things that need to be addressed in this country without there being so much strife, hatred and just vindictiveness. Politics is just nasty, and it has gotten to the point that I understand why people don’t want to be Democrats anymore, I see why people don’t want to be Republicans, hell, I see why people don’t even want to be labeled Independents.

They choose no party because they hate them all. No one political party is better than the other, and this notion that they are is complete bull. People need to be elected to office who are ACTUALLY going to show up on a consistent basis, do their ACTUAL JOB and not show their butt in the process. Politicians don’t care about serving the American public; they care about serving themselves, the issue is when will the American public understand that.

Written By Zoe Mitchell