UNITED STATES—Ever since the invention of mobile phones, various gaming companies have come forward with mobile games. Over the years, we have seen a rising trend in the popularity of these games, with the famous ones ranking at the top e.g. PUBG, Candy Crush, Among Us, as well as online slot machines.

These games saw a vast increase in their fan base as the pandemic approached, back at the end of 2019, as it confined us within our homes. In that moment of despair, we all sought comfort in the online world through our smartphones and gadgets. Although a majority of the other sectors suffered a great blow at their production and economy, the gaming sector was one that made fortunes. With a great increase in their users, and not just children but also adults, these gaming industries received far more orders than the previous years combined.

Mobile Slot Games – What You Should Know

Back when the option of playing slot machines was only limited to physical casinos, there were many cases of gamblers not being able to go due to the distance, cost of traveling, or country restrictions. Thus, as casinos began rolling out mobile phone applications and slot games i.e. Goonies free play, which is easily accessible by all, it was the cherry on top for all casino fans. Allowing players to play from the comfort of their homes was amongst the many great features it brought along, including more like:

  • Saving the cost and time of commute to actual casino locations.
  • Saving the cost of food and beverages ordered in a casino.
  • Saving the overconsumption of alcohol in casinos.
  • Allowing fans to participate in live events even from countries that restrict gambling.

Allowing gameplay at any time of the day, without any deadlines or off days.

RTP in Games

RTP, (return to player) of a slot game is the percentage of the stakes returned to the player while in the game. In simple words, RTP in gaming is the estimated amount of stakes that the game will be returning to the player after it is calculated using an approach that depends on the game type.

In the language of casinos, RTP is the percentage of stacked money that the slot machine will return to the players in the long run. To understand this, here is an example;

Let’s suppose that you bet $1 a hundred times on the slot machine that has an RTP of 90%, then you can expect to win back $90.

RTP calculation for slots

For online slots, RTP is a significant feature that increases one’s chances of winning and allows the gambler to plan their playing budget. One may wonder how it is calculated, but the process is rather simple. It is a mere calculation of the chances of winning at an online slot in accordance with the previously won slots. Considering the great number of risks in gambling, it is crucial that one carefully plans which machine to choose and the chances of winning at it. The more frequent a player is, the more understanding he/she will have of the RTP, and eventually, they will be able to calculate on their own. In general, slots with a percentage above 94% provide better chances of winning.

Slot Games with High RTP

A person who is new to gambling will probably decide the slot based on its attractive features such as the theme, appearance, catchy promotions, and bonuses. However, the advanced gamblers choose their slots according to the highest RTP percentage. For all you gambling fans out there, here is a list of slot games with the highest percentage of return to player;

  1. Mega Joker (99% RTP) 

Ranking as no.1 on a majority of the casino ranking sites, this game can take up a bet of even a single coin with an RTP of around 77%.


2. Starmania (98.87% RTP)

Not only does this provide an exciting percentage, but also comes with an appealing game background and many free features.

3. Blood Suckers (98% RTP)

With a spooky vampire theme gameplay, this game can have the players obsessed with defeating vampires while availing a high RTP and free features.

4. Kings of Chicago (97.8% RTP)

A game with the classic poker setup and deck, it provides a good win percentage on video slots.

5. Jack Hammer 2 (97.1% RTP)

Following a theme of crimes and thrilling adventures, this exciting game comes with free spins, therefore increasing the chances of winning at a whopping RTP.

The world of online poker continues to advance every day, bringing about sensational updates on the gameplay. Gaming companies and casinos continue to work on improving the overall experience through innovative ideas like using augmented or virtual reality, which can easily up the level by making the games more realistic than ever. Other than this, players are encouraged to play in the global competitions that are streamed live on platforms such as Twitch. This has not only made the fan base happier but has also contributed to bringing in more people to it, especially those who were previously unable to access casinos.


Bonuses have become another important feature of online slot games, providing the players with many more reasons to gamble. Other than that, since the pandemic brought along worldwide lockdowns that lead many into depressions, these games came forth as a savior. It does not allow people to pass time but also keeps their brain occupied in techniques to win, rather than ponder over the disastrous effects of the disease. One can expect this trend to carry on until the world is allowed to socialize again, yet, the statistics suggest otherwise. According to user feedback, the online method is far more liked by many, thus we can predict more of such features in the future. Since the computers already proceed to take over most of our everyday tasks, there is no denying that even gaming will be completely over computers in the years to come.