UNITED STATES—Are you into prop betting? Are you planning to bet on a proposition bet this coming March Madness? Then you came to the right place. For those who are new to betting, a proposition bet or prop bet is a type of betting related to the occurrence or non-occurrence of the game or event that is not related to the outcome.

Prop bets have become popular over the years and are now a regular type of betting offered by all sportsbooks across the country. It is extremely profitable if you know how to choose the right prop bets that have value.

In March Madness, proposition betting will be available for prop bet fans. To give you a heads-up, here are the most popular prop bets in March Madness that you might want to examine first before deciding which one to bet on.

Total Points

Betting on how much a player’s total points will be is the most common prop bet that you can find not only on NCAA but on any sports. Betting for the total point earned by a player is better than betting on a team as you can easily know whether a particular player will be able to reach the set number in prop bets or not compared when you are betting for a team.

The expert’s knowledge and all the details you come across on your research regarding player matchup will help you determine the probability of a player’s total points than on a team. It is why it is best to focus your bet on the players.

Which Team Scores First

Another prop bet that is common and popular prop bettors is betting on the team you think will score first. If you know both team’s abilities and skills, it would be easy for you to identify which team will likely score first in a particular game.

This type of prop bet is also the fastest way to profit on a skilled prop bet, as this happens within the first minutes of the game. When the team you bet on scores first, you will automatically win even if the game is not finished yet.

March Madness MVP

Other than the championship title, another huge award given on March Madness is the MVP award that will be awarded to the eligible player who shows a great performance throughout the tournament.

This prop bet is one of the valuable prop bets and also easy to play as you will already have a hint of who will win the said award. This is why it is best to familiarize the top players in the tournament to know who will be the MVP awardee.

Seed Props

Seed props are prop bets that are related to the seeds of each conference. Some examples of a seed’s props are the number of a particular seed that will make it to the final four or the lowest seed to advance to the championship.

The possibilities are endless for seed props as long as there is a probability the oddsmaker thought of expecting it to be on the sportsbook for this year’s March Madness Tournament.

Fun Prop Bets

All prop bets mentioned above are all under the skilled prop bets category. It means that you will need to have proper knowledge and skills to properly carry out those prop bets. Additionally, the skilled prop bets are the ones who have value and legitimately provide you profit.

However, if you want to add some twist to your prop betting experience, you can also bet on a few fun prop bets, such as what jersey color a particular team will wear or how long the Bulldogs will walk as they enter the court.

These prop bets are based on pure luck, which requires zero to no skills for you to perform on such bets. This type of prop bet may sound fun, but it is not the best way to profit. When you engage in fun prop bets, you must accept that you will lose the bet.

What Conference Will The Champion Come From

This one sounds enticing yet scary at the same time. Why? Because there are so many conferences in March Madness and all of them have their number one seeder. Meaning that each conference has their respective amazing team that has a high chance of winning the championship.

Unlike the NBA who only got two conferences, the East and the West, the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball has 32 conferences. Choosing which conference will produce this year’s NCAA champion is a tough task.

First To 15

The first to 15 or the race to 15 prop bet is similar to the first to score bet. Instead of betting for what team will score first, you will be betting on what team will first hit 15 on the scoreboard.

It is also fast-paced betting that allows you to collect your winning within the game’s first minutes. Its fast-paced feature is what makes it popular among bettors all over the sports betting industry.


Prop bets might sound easy, although it is. However, you will still need to have the skills and knowledge to be a successful prop bettor. If you want to triumph in this line of betting and earn as much profit as possible, you must be diligent in doing research and take time to study and familiarize each player.