HOLLYWOOD— I have been totally hooked and glued to the second season of “Power Book II: Ghost.” I mean every episode since the mid-season finale has been OMG moments making one wonder how they can top the previous episode, but they’ve found a way to make it happen people and this is what you call epic writing. The last tease was the fact that Lauren may or may not be dead and the audience was forced to wait until this week’s episode ‘Love and War’ to figure out what transpired.

Things kicked off with Monet and Dante trying to figure out a plan on how to take down Lorenzo, just as Effie lied to Tariq about Lauren’s whereabouts. Um, Effie, you’re lying and Tariq will not like that one bit people. Looks like the legal trouble for Tariq just picked up as he discovered that Trace was about to be a witness in his case people. Monet had to do some manipulation to get Cane to make the move to murder his own father. Definitely ballsy people. This was an explosive witness in the trial as Braydon, not Trace took the witness stand leaving Davis, Cooper and Tariq stunned to the core people.

Braydon is damn stupid for admitting to dealing drugs at his university to protect Tariq. That is beyond crazy and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Wow, I am stunned that Tariq got his case tossed out and he is a free man people. A victory now, but a strict blow is coming his way people. Tariq is attempting to regain custody of his sister against Davis’ wishes.

Tariq wanted a refund from Davis about his attorney double dipping and his relationship with Cane Tejada. Cooper was stunned when Jenny revealed that Lauren Baldwin is dead, result of a car accident. Damn that is a brutal death America because out of all the people on this series Lauren was the only saving grace in my opinion. Jenny highlighted valid points that Carrie’s death did not seem like a suicide, and Cooper acknowledged he almost took his life after things with James St. Patrick did not end the way he wanted.  Ok, things are getting interesting, Tariq and Monet are developing a plan to backstab Mecca aka Dante.

Monet revealed to Lorenzo that Mecca is up to no good, which led to Lorenzo wanting to take down his enemy. Diana and Dru were not pleased to be involved in this messy web of deception. Damn, I forgot Tariq doesn’t know that Diana and Dru stole all of the drugs. Tariq connected the dots that Diana may have screwed him over, and he admitted to Braydon that he is out of the drug game. Braydon is NOT telling the truth, as he lied to Tariq about Lauren’s whereabouts.

Cane seems like the smartest dummy. Why would you show up to Stansfield to visit Tariq and Braydon after all that has transpired? Zeke paid a visit to the authorities to drop tea about Carrie Millgram’s death, not being a suicide. Like I said way too easy people. Rashad Tate made the power move to impress the Democratic Party to revitalize his political career. Tate was a bit arrogant, and it ultimately could be his undoing at the same time.

Mecca wanted Cane to make that move against Lorenzo, but Cane wanted to take out Tariq and a target is on his back. Interesting Mecca is tracking Tariq, but it looks like his desire to regain custody of Yasmin has taken place.

It was bittersweet, but at the same time it is indeed a consequence of his actions. Tariq is learning the hard way that for every action there is a reaction not all are good people. Sachs revealed to Davis that Lauren Baldwin is dead.  So Davis’ angle to get his brother released from prison for a crime that he committed is going to raise major eyebrows as Cooper started to connect dots people.

Yes, Tariq everyone around you died as a direct result of your actions. We did get a glimpse of Tasha who is still in witness protection. She got worried when a car pulled up near her residence asking for Vanessa. Tasha answered the door and it was Tamika who delivered Jasmin to her custody. Thank God, Tamika is a decent human being, and took Yasmin out of Tariq’s orbit to protect her, with her new name Olivia. I would love to see a story centered around Tamika. Looks like Cooper arranged this setup in order to protect Yasmin and Tasha, and tea was spilled about Dante connecting him to Ghost.

Dru and Tariq developed a plan to outwit Dante aka Mecca people. Hmm, something tells me a Tejada is about to die before the season wraps people and it will sting for the audience, but the question is who? Dru got tied up with Everett yet again, which I think is going to cause problems, just as Mecca’s people continued to watch.  Kevin revealed that Monet may have been tied to Carrie’s death.

Cane and Tariq was ready to make that move against Mecca, and it worked effortlessly at the time being, but c’mon it can never be that easy. Mecca started to question the situation, just as Everett questioned Dru’s loyalty, just as Dru suffered a brutal beat down, as Cane came to the rescue of his brother. To think that I wasn’t a fan of Cane, he makes a move to save his brother during a time he was desperately needed.

Tariq has the bag, but was concerned about Monet’s plan. Diana teared up with the notion of no one trusting her NOT to look in the bag. Lorenzo learned that bank accounts were setup for Dru, her, Cane and Zeke, which means he is expecting a double cross; NOT GOOD! Monet pulled a gun on Dante, and he revealed he was aware that she murdered Carrie, just as Lorenzo was about to make a move, but it was against the wrong person, it was against Zeke, not Mecca.

Tariq heard gunfire as he found Mecca with a bullet in his head on the floor. Lorenzo arrived home, which lead to Monet questioning Lorenzo’s whereabouts. The family turned on the news and learned Dante Spears was killed, but it became clear to Lorenzo he shot the wrong person. Monet was worried about Zeke, just as another face from the past, agent Vargas was connected to Dante and Tariq. Well, ain’t this interesting, I love how the past is connected to the present as Vargas recognized Tariq St. Patrick in surveillance footage.

Davis’ brother wasn’t ready to see him take his spot, just as Sachs was ready to turn against Davis because of all his dirty dealings. So it seems that Sachs is turning over a new leaf for Jenny. Rashad discovered that his brother is NOT happy with his antics and he discovered that when you betray family there are consequences. Hmm, Tariq is happy with Effie, but I wonder how he will feel if he learns what she did with Lauren.

Yasmin gave Tasha a letter from Tariq hoping to reunite his family. The final moments of the episode, witnessed Monet get that call about Zeke that crushed her world. Gosh, I cannot wait for season three of “Power Book II: Ghost.”