HOLLYWOOD—So “Power” fans the wait is finally over! The third season of “Power Book II: Ghost” premiered this week and from the looks of things it is going to be an exciting one. The premiere episode, ‘Your Perception, Your Reality’ witnessed our anti-hero Tariq (Michael Rainy Jr.) under the impression that all the bad that has caused so much stress in his life (most which he brought upon himself was over) may be over; especially, with Mecca being taken out. There is one slight problem: Mecca had secrets people and a big one, by the name of Noma (Caroline Chikezie), who happened to be his fiancé and the woman that blue engagement ring was initially made for.

Yeah, Tariq, your ego is going to be your downfall and trust me the moment that happens will be delicious TV that I cannot wait to witness. I cannot recall a character I have hated more than Tariq St. Patrick. So many people have died as a result of this kid and he still doesn’t get it. Davis, thinking he would make a big payday put that blue diamond ring on the market unaware of that new threat, slicing a woman’s hand off to take back what belonged to her.

Tariq was forced to move out of his dorm as a result of the drug fiasco involving Brayden. Effie is doing her best to stay quiet about her role in Lauren’s ‘disappearance’ afraid of what Tariq might do if he finds out about her betrayal. Monet was in a foul mood, and rightfully so after the death of Zeke at the hands of her hubby, Lorenzo. Yeah, Monet has no clue she’s literally sleeping with the enemy and when the truth comes out, absolute mayhem and hell will erupt and I don’t even want to think about who might live or die.

Brayden found himself forced to work at his family company after being kicked out of school, where he learned from his Uncle Lucas that corporate America could be the place to peddle what he really wants to do: drugs. Stansfield is the place to be as Diana is now attending the same school as Tariq, placing a slight ruffle in his burgeoning relationship with Effie. Political up in comer, Rashad is still up to his dirty dealings to climb to the top, as he used his power to help Tariq gain housing at Stansfield University, but there is always a string attached. Tariq just doesn’t get it.

Cane and Dru were looking for a new connect, but were facing plenty of problems with buzz about Mecca’s death spreading.  Cane, Brayden and Tariq found themselves in the clutches of Noma who wanted Mecca’s product moved and if they couldn’t produce the results she wanted, they would be killed. Yeah, there is nothing like a female villain, and this Noma, she is not one to mess around with people and I’m liking what I’m seeing.

A former ally that helped Brayden and Tariq create Course Connect, Bash was planning to blackmail the duo, which resulted in more stress for the co-eds. Noma was more concerned about finding out what transpired with Mecca, not aware that it was Monet who pulled the trigger, and Cane, Dru and Tariq were still quite mum on that information. Oh, two women going toe-to-toe that is going to be fun. Monet was not pleased that she is still entangled in the drug game, after focusing on her energy on trying to escape.

Saxe spotted Tariq and Davis having a conversation and relayed that information to Jenny who is still working to bring Carrie and Lauren’s murderers to justice. Davis was a bit concerned when Tariq spilled that Noma wanted answers how her blue ring appeared on the market for sell. Yeah, be careful what you do as there are consequences. As much as I hate Saxe, I am happy to see him still working to bring down Tariq. Davis is still attempting to get his brother, Theo out of prison. Interesting considering Theo is behind bars for a crime that Davis committed, and his health is rapidly declining

We have a new professor at Stansfield, Professor Harper Bennett, who shares a past with Rashad. I’m intrigued people. Keke, Lucas’ protégé continued to show Brayden the ropes at Weston Holdings, where he learned his colleagues are doing drugs while on the job. Jenny and Saxe strategized about the Theo Rollins case, just as they worked to figure out who has surveillance on Mecca’s penthouse.

Cane and Bash were planning to take out Bash, but Tariq beat them to the punch. How so? Bash threatened to expose the truth and it rattled Tariq who stabbed him to death, and was later caught by Cane and Brayden. Blanca and Jenny aligning, this is interesting!? Jenny learned that Mecca was working for the DEA. Blanca spilled that she knows Tariq was in Mecca’s house the night he was murdered. That news is not public, and Jenny spilled she has someone working on the inside of the group. Hmm, who could that person be people? The only person that could be a CI is Effie, but I’m trying to figure out what her motive is. A memorial was held in honor of Zeke courtesy of Diana. Tariq tried to improve his image with a speech that was so self-centered and egotistical even someone who is a fan of his would see the BS. Monet seems to trust Tariq more than anyone when it comes to Zeke, which Lorenzo spotted. Hmm, looks like he might be a major threat to Tariq moving forward this season.

However, the big surprise of the episode was the end, where Jenny visited a safe house and the audience learned that Lauren is very much alive. Her death was faked, which means whatever Effie did she lied to Brayden about. So the more I think about it, Effie might be the CI that is working with Jenny and that spills major trouble for Tariq and company moving forward. Guilty pleasure alert America, because this show is griping. New episode of “Power Book II: Ghost” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on Starz.