HOLLYWOOD—I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you were expecting an explosive mid-season finale for “Power Book II: Ghost” as we are literally experiencing are final few episodes of the series, prepare for disappointment. There is no SPOILER ALERT needed for the episode, there was a bunch of nothingness in my opinion.

Tariq didn’t seem too pressed with Diana’s news from the previous episode that he is about to become a father. Why? He decided to continue to play with fire by sleeping with Anya, Noma’s daughter. I don’t know if Tariq is just stupid or fails to realize Noma will indeed kill him when she gets the chance. Brayden learned his new love toy suffers from sickle cell, and her dabble with drugs is more of a way to deal with her ongoing medical crisis.

Diana was trying to reach Salim, but little does she know, Tariq shot and killed him. Monet was hoping to reunite the family, but Cane wasn’t the least bit interested, and Dru also voiced his frustrations. Looks like Diana is the only person who is willing to try to repair the family with her mother.

Brayden was in an uproar when he learned Tariq is messing around with Anya, not to mention Tariq spilling that Diana is pregnant with his baby. Yeah, Tariq, poor you. You’ve made all the decisions that are unfolding so stop whining already.

Noma discovered someone was peddling drugs in her territory after Anya dropped coke and spilled a bit of tea. After questioning Effie, Noma discovered it was Tariq and confronted him at one of his parties, where Cane was itching to take him out. Anya interrupted and Noma was forced to back down. Davis was having plenty of issues with his firm not being able to make payroll and losing clients as a result.

Davis has to be one of the dirtiest lawyers I have seen on TV. Dru is getting back to his passion: drawing. Why does this narrative plot point seem to be pointing in the direction of Dru probably meeting his demise as his art flourishes. Zion threatened Brayden and got him to spill that Noma was the person who destroyed his supply. Yeah, Brayden, not a wise move, buddy.

Tariq stumbled upon Brayden doing drugs, just as Tariq learned Brayden’s new play toy knows all about everything they’ve been doing. Brayden gave Tariq a taste of his self-absorbed world. Dru was willing to help Monet get established, but it would be a one-time thing as he moves to the direction of pursing his art.

Brayden was flippant when he learned that his new fling gave Tariq some acid that caused him to spiral a bit. I thought the spiral was interesting because it was foreshadowing what’s to come. Would I love Tariq to meet his maker after all that he has done? Absolutely, but him losing someone close to him will totally cause him to spiral in the worst possible way, which I can see happening.

Dru and Monet started to recruit an army to target Noma, just as her meeting with that U.S. Senator took a turn for the worse, as Zion made his presence known, and Noma felt like an ant ready to scurry. This woman was fun at first, but she is becoming more like a clown with each episode; her threat level is totally diminishing.

Noma was livid and alerted Cane, who is well aware of Zion, and prepared to talk to him face-to-face. Enter Davis, who for reasons I cannot fathom, Noma couldn’t see it. Cane spotted it from a mile away. Cane was not the least bit worried about Zion and planned to handle the issue himself. Cane and Noma showed up at Zion’s ‘undercover fight club’ and the two had a fight in the ring. Noma was absolutely turned on by seeing Cane fight Zion and defend her in the process.

Cane was putting such a beating on Zion, that he tried utilizing brass knuckles and lost the fight. Zion’s ego was definitely bruised, and it will have consequences later. Tariq plans to use Anya as leverage, just as the audience discovered that Detective Carter is looney. He is talking to his dead wife as if she is alive. Whew!

Diana informed Tariq that she plans to keep the baby and that she has no intention of allowing her child to be raised in the environment that she grew up in. Davis and Noma, I saw that coming a million miles away, because their chemistry is impeccable. They hooked up, but I wonder how Cane will respond to learning about this. I definitely can see Noma or Davis or both being taken out by Cane as a power move, revenge or both.

Dru and Monet’s ambush turned out to work against them as they were busted by Detective Carter and his crew. Guess what? He’s a dirty cop! No big surprise, I saw that coming from a million miles away. So you’re going to allow drugs to continue to be peddled as long as innocent people are not killed? Wow, this was a silly and stupid narrative to even be considered for the fourth and final season. Yeah, Carter sent a message by killing a dealer who killed an innocent, that slightly shook Dru and Monet.

This was ABSOLUTELY the worst episode of the season to this point. Do I think it will bounce back? Yes, but with only five episodes left I don’t want things to feel rushed or open-ended. I want finality. Until September 6 “Power” lovers when the final episodes of the series get underway.