HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s premiere of season four of “Power Book II: Ghost” was quite epic to say the least. I was completely enthralled in this episode, so I did question where things would head for the second episode of the season, ‘To Thine Own Self.’ Well, let’s just say a new threat is in the mix who is hoping to make Tariq St. Patrick pay for his crimes of the past and present. Monet recovered very quick after having a near death experience.

Detective Carter looks like one of the good guys, a detective who is not intermixed with gaining power and money, as a bust against the Russians and their drug shipment. Brayden and Tariq were getting accustomed to living life as broke college students. Yes, Tariq you’re not as smart as you think you are, which you learned the hard way, as student loans, and work is the only way to pay for his college education at the moment.

Cane was still searching for answers on who shot Monet, look closer Cane because your brother and sister are entangled in this mess. Effie considered applying for her school’s engineering program, but was concerned about the cost. Looks like at some point you’re going to have to choose: drugs or education.

Really, is Diana pregnant and who’s the baby daddy? I have my suspicions, but that seems a bit too obvious, right? The audience got to meet Monet’s sister Janet who is helping her recover. Noma and Obi set sights on Detective Carter and the Russians, but Obi shouldn’t be scared of her, if anything, he’s Noma’s muscle; he should just take her out.

Davis was working on his defense to ensure he gets his law license back, but was more focused on pleasure versus actually getting his ability to practice law again. Cane you are right, Tariq is key, but he didn’t pull the trigger, his mother, Tasha did. Effie tried to make peace with Tariq, but he made it clear he’s not looking for a new pal. Detective Don Carter paid Davis a visit to inform him he might be able to pull strings to help him get his law license back.

All Davis would have to do is turn on his clients, which he had no plans to do. Effie informed Diana that she needs to pull her weight when it comes to helping distribute product for Noma. Effie decided she wanted more money and in order to do so, she wanted to barter a deal with Noma to bring in the Russians, and it was a gamble to say the least.

The audience got a bit of a flashback to Monet’s life before her entanglement in the drug game, back with Lorenzo and a baby Cane. Effie had leverage to get the Russians to met with Noma. How so? Utilizing his daughter Oksana, and her swim aspirations as a goal.

Detective Carter paid Tariq a visit explaining he’s aware that he fatally shot Agent Young and that he planned to nail him for murder. When Detective Carter issued that threat about Tasha, it got Tariq concerned.

Monet interrupted a meeting between Noma, Effie and the Russians that caused a massive scene. Vadim was not pleased with the ambush and threats were made, just as Monet lost consciousness. Monet has always been a go-getter, which explains why she was more entangled in the drug game than Lorenzo. Monet suspected Cane may be culpable in her shooting, but Diana and Dru were skeptical about that theory.

Tariq is an idiot. Why in the hell would you go visit Tasha at her place of business where anyone can track you. Tasha warned Tariq to steer clear of trouble and he warned her not to return to New York. When ‘Rachel’ aka Tasha’s boss touched her inappropriately, Tariq returned to place a beating on him. Cane found himself in the crosshairs by having to bring the Russians back to the table for a deal. Effie was prepping for her interview, when Cane called asking for her help. Just once, just once, I want Effie to put herself first.

Diana is pregnant and I’m 100 percent certain Tariq is the father, and she’s going to use that to her advantage when her life is threatened. Dru was so annoyed with Monet not taking accountability he was ready to drug her, but the siblings are slipping. Monet overheard Dru and Diana chatting about being better than their mother. Effie got Vadim’s trust by presenting him weaponry to his advantage and he ONLY wants to mingle with Effie.

Tariq and Brayden decided living the normal life is not what they expected and they decided to get back into the game, against Noma’s wishes. Tariq decided to steal 2 Bit’s vehicle, which makes me worry if a face from the past is about to get entangled in more mess. Obi found himself being questioned by Detective Carter in relation to her connection to Tariq, just as Diana posing as Monet to visit Tommy’s mother, Kate is about to be exposed. Yes, Tariq and Monet are connecting the dots, and Diana is in hot water. Until next Friday “Power Book II: Ghost” thrill lovers.