HOLLYWOOD─It has taken some time, but things are really heating up on “The Young and the Restless.” For starters, the war between Abby and Phyllis is reaching an all-time high. Abby is just livid that Phyllis one upped her on the Grand Phoenix, so she wants to stick it to her nemesis in a major way. How so? Making sure to get her hands on that recording or recordings that Phyllis has of Adam confessing to murder! She wants to protect Chance so bad she is willing to commit fraud, which she did.

The duo first destroyed Phyllis laptop and stole her flash drive, then Phyllis unwillingly shared that she had a copy in a safety deposit box. C’mon Phyllis that is information you should have kept to yourself. So Abby donned a red wig and impersonated Phyllis to get her hands on that device. There’s a problem, Phyllis has no idea at least not yet, and if my intuition is right Phyllis has another copy of that confession that no one knows about except for her.

Phyllis has other concerns notably rebuilding her relationship with Nick. The duo has rekindled the sparks more than once and with Chelsea and Sharon improbable options it looks like Phyllis is Nick’s new love interest. Phyllis better open her eyes, because Nick is on the receiving end of Adam’s ire. Making the situation worse is that Chelsea is being sucked in by Adam’s dark side. I mean Adam did you seriously think the titan known as Victor Newman would hand over the keys to a son who tried to kill him? Yeah, Adam is quite naïve, but peeved that his big brother, Nick has returned to Newman as a way to stick it to Adam.

As many of you know Nick has never been a fan of Newman Enterprises, he has always wanted to carve his own legacy, but has always been at odds with Adam who is as devious as they come. Let’s just say he is Victor’s mini-me, and now that he’s back in Kansas, Adam and Chelsea may have come up with some ammunition to go against Victor for his latest move which both of them see as a slight against Adam. Victor I hoped you cover your tracks otherwise you might be in trouble, but knowing the mustache, he never allows anyone to blackmail him, let alone his own children. So if Adam thinks he has found Victor’s Achilles heel, I pray for the guy who has wronged his father more times than I can count.

Let’s talk about Billy Abbott, because things are looking up for the guy. He has ended things with Victoria, is getting closer to Amanda and has forged a new partnership at Chancellor courtesy of Jill. What’s in that partnership, working with the ex-wife of his brother, Cane? Yes, Lily Winters is back in Genoa City and she is teaming up with Billy of all people. Both were apprehensive about the partnership, but it looks like its happening people, and I’m excited to see Lily back on the canvas minus Cane of all people.

With Amanda, she is building a partnership with Devon, Elena and Nate, and also getting closer with a young man by the name of Jordan who is dealing with some tough times. We learned that Amanda grew up in the foster care system, which makes me think that Amanda and Hilary might indeed be twin sister that neither knew about it. The layers of this woman is being slowly pulled back which makes it interesting to watch as things unfold.

With that said the love affair between Tessa and Mariah has concluded, because Tessa was unable to forgive Mariah for cheating on her. Really Tessa? All the secrets and lies that you tossed in Mariah’s face and this is unforgiveable! This character can go and like right away.