HOLLYWOOD─We have been waiting after that mid-season cliffhanger, which saw our anti-hero Ghost aka James St. Patrick, celebrating his announcement as Lt. Governor, only to be shot in the chest and falling off a balcony. It does hurt the fact that teasers for the final episodes of the series revealed that Ghost is not dead. I mean what is the point of a cliffhanger if you’re going to spoil it for the audience? Anyway, we are nearing the end, and “Power” returned this week with the episode ‘Still Dre’ and authorities trying to figure out who shot James St. Patrick.

Dre was dealing with relationship troubles with his lady wanting out of New York for a better life in Las Vegas. What’s the problem? Dre is still focused on trying to be the King of New York, and I sense that will indeed be his downfall. Ok, so this makes sense, this episode is telling things in reverse leading up to Ghost’s shooting. Dre was confronted about killing Jason and a gunfight erupted, he suffered a gunshot wound to the arm, which was patched up.

Now we get to the present, with Lt. Rodriguez questioning Tommy’s former goons, hoping to get them to turn on him. Wow, we get a slice into Andre’s past where we meet his mother who is a Godly woman. So apparently Dre was an intelligent guy, who wanted to be in the streets versus keeping his head in the books. Telling the truth doesn’t always help, as Dre learned his mom wasn’t falling for his tale (even though it was true). Onto the next threat, Dre threatened Tasha, who was forced to contact Tariq to deliver funds for drugs that he sold. So this episode is HEAVILY focused on Dre and his antics up to this point.

Ding, ding, Tommy’s goons realized that it was Dre who snitched on their operation, and it looked like the twosome was out for blood. Francis, Spotswood, these are the names of these two goons, oh, this is hilarious people. So we learned that during that call Francis received it was Ghost asking him to take out Dre. Dre knew danger was lurking around, just as Francis was about to make his move. So Blanca is willing to lie to get what she wants to nail Ghost.

Francis alerted Tommy that BG was killed and it was Dre who snitched on them. Tommy was skeptical about the details, and it forced Francis and Spotswood to realize they may be in deep trouble. While in the custody of the feds, Dre escaped and broke into his mother’s home. She pulled a gun on him, he retrieved her gun and pointed it on his mother. Man, I thought Dre might actually kill his mother, but took off with her jewelry instead. Very tense situation to say the least and some fine acting I must say.

He paid a visit to Rashad who placed $100,000 on the table, and all he had to do was kill Ghost. Dre was skeptical, but ultimately obliged. Dre went to kill Ghost, but someone already committed the crime. Blanca spotted him and Dre delivered a punch to her face before fleeing the scene. So one thing that is certain, Dre did not pull the trigger on James, and the biggest bomb was dropped: James St. Patrick is dead!

Wow, I thought the audience was being teased about the fact that Ghost was shot, I never thought they’d actually murder a main character. This is indeed a game-changer America, in a massive and I mean massive way because first we lost Angela and now Ghost: these are the two biggest power players on the ceremony.

Dre had a heart-to-heart conversation with his mother, just as he learned that she is going to take care of Tina and Heaven. With that said, it became clear that the writers might be setting up Andre’s final swan song and to be honest, that is quite sad. Dre staged a fight to earn himself solitary confinement because he knows he has plenty of enemies looking to take him out.

As I pinpointed, Tommy’s goons took action to take out Dre, but dosing towels with gasoline and lighting him on fire. Man that is indeed a vicious and brutal way to die. Too bad Francis didn’t have the luck that Spanky had, because he found a way out of the slammer. Wow, Francis and Spanky are about to be enemies. Lt. Rodriguez spoke with Spanky about Dre’s demise and his potential plea agreement.

My gut tells me Ghost is not dead, because how is that possible, when the audience never saw a body people? Interesting set-up for the final episodes if Ghost is indeed dead, but if he isn’t what does he have planned for the person who shot him? One thing for certain, it was not Dre, so that leaves Paz, Tasha, Tariq, Tommy, Saxe and Rashad, so at this point anyone is culpable. Until next Sunday “Power” fanatics!