UNITED STATES—The only way you can have no idea about the possible winnings in the Powerball is if you have been sleeping underneath a rock or something. After nearly 2 months of no one winning, the Powerball jackpot bloomed to over $900 million on Saturday evening. I mean I’m someone who never plays the lottery and even I had to purchase several tickets with the hopes of a life-changing event taking place.

I mean it was so feverish that I had teenage girls come up to me at the mall asking me to purchase a ticket for them. I mean that’s crazy right. What’s even worse, it’s not like the teens could do anything with the ticket if they won. I mean you have to be 18 to cash the ticket in. I mean people I know were spending anywhere from $50-$100 on tickets in hopes of becoming the next millionaire, guess we can now scratch that to billionaire. Yep, no one won the largest jackpot in US history so it has now climbed to $1.5 billion. Yes, $1.5 billion!

I know this sounds crazy but even the celebrities in Hollywood have to be indulging in all this craziness. I mean how in the world could they not be? They might be rich, but the opportunity to become even richer, I don’t think anyone would want to pass up that opportunity. Now, am I saying its ok for someone who is already super wealthy to win the jackpot? No, and frankly I expect the 99 percent of Americans who are clamoring for that chance to retire from work and live comfortable would have that dream dashed by someone who is living quite comfortable to say the least.

Do the math, after the payout, the winner if only ONE person could take home over $900 million. Gosh, my mind is just spinning with thoughts. What does a person do with that type of income if he or she happens to come across it? Well, you have to take a moment. A plan has to be in place to some degree. I’ll be the first to admit, those jobs I’m working (yep, I said jobs) would be no more. I’m sorry, with that type of income I would put in my two-week notice. There is NO WAY I’m going to continue doing anything that I’m not passionate about.

Next, people have to deal with the big problem of having to deal with family. Yes, those aunts and uncles and cousins you haven’t seen in years will start popping up with their hands out. Those who stood by your side when you were down should be the same people that you take care of when you’re on a high that can’t be explained with words. I mean before I do anything, my check is going right into the back so that it can accumulate interest. That’s right people, let the interest draw on that money, so much to the point that you live off the interest of your winnings and never have to touch a single dime, well not right away.

So many people quickly bring up talk about getting an accountant, but not me. I’m not placing my money in the hands of anyone, but myself first and foremost. Why? Well, because I will know without a doubt what is going in and what is going out. It’s that plain and simple. Those so called accountants or money managers will be the first to suck every single penny you have out of your pocket. If you don’t trust someone, don’t hire them to begin with.

I’ve always been someone who has wanted to help in regards to social issues. I live in a state where homeless is quite bad, making things worse is the weather. It gets so brutally cold I can’t help, but imagine what these people are going through who live on the streets. My first order of business would be to establish a shelter to provide housing for those people who are in desperate need of it, and develop a plan to help them get back out into the workforce. Next, I would want to establish organizations to ensure more students aren’t going hungry. I hear so many stories about hunger in America and it’s just an absolute travesty, when you sit back and think what can I do? Well with over $1.5 billion there are a lot of things that I can now do, and I plan to use that money towards good causes.

While helping others is something that will always been in the forefront of my mind if, I were to win such an epic jackpot, I would take another moment to just think. Your life will NEVER be the same, people will always be grabbing for you, not to mention the fact that living that normal lifestyle that perhaps one has become accustomed to will no longer exists.

People bring up a very valid argument that money does change people, but I believe the person you were before you had all that money is the same person you will be when you have that money. One’s personality does not change overnight. You just might be a grumpier, nastier or happier person when you have $700 million more in your bank account. To those who are not considering purchasing a ticket you should do so.

I mean the odds might be against you, but at the same time that one $2 ticket can be the thing that helps you invest in that business you’ve always wanted, travel to places that you can only imagine, take care of your family, quit that job that you have despised. Frankly, the opportunities are endless and lives can be forever changed, not just yours.