PACIFIC PALISADES — The candidate application process for the Pacific Palisades Community Council (PPCC) are still open. The deadline for the application is August 13.

Palisidians can run as Area Representatives or for the one position of At-large Representative. 

“Area and At-large Representatives will be the voice of their constituents, bring issues to the PPCC, learn first-hand about policy and land-use topics affecting the Palisades and vote on matters of community-wide interest,” according to the PPCC.

Area Representatives comprise eight seats from areas within Palisades — these areas are geographically defined in a map on the PPCC website. Area Representative candidates “must reside within the specified area boundaries.”

Incumbents for areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 are running for reelection. According to the PPCC, all seat are open, “whether or not the incumbent is running.”

The At-large Representative “serves the entire community and must live, own property or run a business within Pacific Palisades.” 

During a July 23 meeting, PPCC Chair David Card announced appointment of the Election Committee to “oversee the election of Area & At-large Representatives.” PPCC Vice-Chair David Kaplan will be the Chair of the committee. 

Members interested in running must submit a “candidate’s statement” and a current photograph in digital format — both items will be distributed as election materials to the public.

For Area Representatives, “the statement shall not exceed 200 words and must include the candidate’s email address, the number of years as a resident of the Palisades, the number of years residing in the area in which the candidate is seeking election, as well as the number of years at the current principal residence and the address.”

“At-large Representative candidates running as business or real estate stakeholders in the community must provide the current business address or address of real property owned in the Palisades.”

Statements from all candidates should address their position on issues they believe are important to the community and/or to their area.

According to Card, the election “will take place  in early September and the newly elected Representatives will be seated as of October 1.”

Statements must be submitted to by 4:30 p.m. on August 13 — one hour before the scheduled PPCC meeting when candidates will be announced.