HOLLYWOOD—A week break after the season premiere we are back for more bloodshed and confused identities!

We start off in 1881. An odd place to start in the story timeline, but I am going to assume this comes into play later in the season. All we really see are a small family of German immigrants with a sick daughter.

The man of the household is sent to look for something and comes across a caravan of people who claim all this free land in the U.S. is paradise. The man says it is not. Wonder where that storyline is going to go.

Back to Jesse Custer as he is baptizing people at his church which includes Eugene who is trying to restore his faith. Tulip O’Hare stops by to get “baptized” fully mocking Jesse by coming in a revealing top and smiling while he holds her underwater.

At the get together Cassidy asks for money from Emily, the second-in-command at the church, even though he hasn’t been all that helpful. We find out Eugene’s strange facial scar was caused from him pulling the trigger on a shotgun pointed at his face.

Even though Jesse has seemed to be enjoying his preacher job all day it becomes a downer when a local bus driver named Linus starts telling him about the urges he has concerning little girls. Jesse stops listening as Linus prattles on about how this confession is confidential and sure, he is “trying” to stop these urges.

In a quick side scene, we see a mysterious group purchasing a large piece of property. I got the sense that they might not have been good people when a man with a broken arm starts beating on a truck driver.

At night, Jesse and Cassidy discuss religious ideals with Jesse being on the side of being a good man and Cassidy saying that being good is being boring and that is one of the worst things someone can be. Cassidy also tells Jesse he is a 119 year-old vampire and is hiding from vampire hunters. Jesse doesn’t believe him, but turns out this little tidbit is true.

Jesse takes a drink of Cassidy’s “special” drink and passes out on the church floor. Cassidy leaves with Jesse’s car keys unknowingly leaving Jesse prey to the two men who were investigating the former religious leaders who had spontaneously exploded in the first episode.

The men attempt to lure the dark entity inside of Jesse with literally song and music, but since that doesn’t work they start up a chainsaw. Unfortunately for them, Cassidy shows back up just in time.

In an epic battle of bloodshed ending in dismemberment, Cassidy kills them and saves the still sleeping Jesse. Cassidy sucks the blood off the floor and the injuries he sustained in the fight are quickly healed.

Emily wakes Jesse up in the morning with a kick and Jesse has no idea what had happened the night before. He goes to visit the Loaches and their teenage daughter who is in a coma after her skull was crushed.

As Jesse drives back that night, he gets out of his car when he sees a child seat in the road. He gets tazed in the neck only to wake up and find out it is just Tulip messing with him again. She is very determined that she will convince Jesse to become a bad man again to help her with a job.

I think she will be able to convince him since after a visit from Eugene who is struggling with being able to change even after baptism inspires Jesse to visit Linus, the potential pedophile. It seems that the identity struggles Jesse is trying to help Eugene through are the same ones he is facing.

In another quick side story, it seems the two men who Cassidy had killed are not dead as they sit in the sheriff’s office to talk to the sheriff.

We start to glimpse what Jesse’s past might have been like as he breaks into Linus’ house and proceeds to dunk him in the bath tub while telling him to forget the little girl he has been thinking about. On the third dunk, Jesse’s voice becomes distorted as he tells Linus to “forget her” and he gets thrown back onto the floor.

All of a sudden Linus has no memory of the girl or why Jesse is even there. In the morning, Jesse visits the Loaches again, hoping to be able to use his power for good. He sits down next to the girl in a coma and in a distorted voice tells her to open her eyes.

Cliffhanger! I guess I will be pondering what will happen to the girl in the coma until next week!