UNITED STATES—President Trump addressed the country on Tuesday, January 9 to discuss issues pertaining to building a border wall and the government shutdown.

He opened by stating his concern over the issues along the border and expressed gratitude to U.S. Border Patrol agents and ICE agents working at the border. He introduced Border Patrol agents Brandon Judd, Art Del Cueto and Hector Garza.

Judd, who is President of the National Border Control Council has been a border patrol agent for 21 years.

“There were no barriers. Illegal immigration and drugs smuggling were out of control. We built those walls and illegal immigration dropped exponentially. Anywhere we built walls, they worked. If you interview Border Patrol Agents they will tell you that walls work,” said Judd.

Del Cueto, Vice President of The National Border Patrol Council and border patrol agent out of the Tucson Sector stated: “It has nothing to do with political parties. If I come to your home, do you want me to knock on the front door or do you want me to climb into that window? We fully support the President and all his efforts to secure our Nation’s Borders.”

“Unfortunately, we deport them and they keep coming back, however, if we had a wall, If we had a barrier, we would be able to stop that. Again we thank President Trump for advocating for the Border Patrol Agency. Again ask your Congressman to please fund the border wall,” said Garza.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi along with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer also addressed the country about ending the federal government shutdown.

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Pelosi indicated that the new Congress could have been in agreement the very first day if it weren’t for President Trump’s “obsession with the wall.”

“We all agree we need to secure our borders while honoring our values. We can build a infrastructure and roads at our ports of entry. We can install new technology to scan cars and trucks for drugs coming into our nation. We can hire the personnel we need to facilitate trade and immigration at the border. We can fund more innovation to detect unauthorized crossings,” said Pelosi.

“The fact is that the women and children at the border are not a security threat they are a humanitarian challenge,” Pelosi added.

Schumer reiterated Pelosi’s words and spoke against President Trump calling his response a “temper tantrum.” 

Vice President Mike Pence reported that President Trump asked Speaker Pelosi if he re-opened the government quickly would she be willing to agree to funding for a wall or barrier on the southern border. Pence indicated when she replied “No,” that President Trump said “Good-bye” and left the meeting.