UNITED STATES—On Wednesday, June 10, President Trump along with the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson hosted black leaders at the White House for a round table discussion. Criminal justice reform, race relations, and policing were among the topics of discussion.

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The President touched on a broad range of topics including the great numbers NASDAQ and the JOBS report are showing. President Trump said he expects the economy to be the best it’s ever been next year. The microphone was then turned over to who President Trump indicated knew better than he about race relations.

President Trump introduced Dr. Ben Carson saying, “Ben and I have been friends from day one. Even when we were opponents, we weren’t really opponents,” the President said. Dr. Ben Carson spoke highly of the Trump administration as well stating, “This administration has been great about solving problems.” Dr. Carson talked about initiating programs that actually get people out of poverty.

Sec. Carson: Helping people out of poverty

Secretary Carson: We're committed to putting forth "programs that actually get people out of poverty—not things that just keep people stable in poverty."

Posted by The White House on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Both Rev. Darrell Scott and President Trump spoke of the day Scott became the President’s Public Liaison.

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President Trump spoke of Scott with admiration and said, “he didn’t want anything.”

Actor Wayne Dupre indicated he has been interviewed by Donald Trump five times when he was a businessman. Dupre said of Trump, “I am glad he has changed things here in D.C.” When President Trump told him he’d have big news very soon [Announcing his run for President], Dupre said, “I wish you’d share it on my show.”


Raynard Jackson wasted no time calling out false news reported by some news outlets on President Trump’s record. Jackson mentioned CNN and MSNBC specifically, accusing Don Lemon and Joy Reid of “putting more poison in the black community than any drug dealer,” and “Killing for black folks more than any white person with a sheet over their face.” Jackson continued, “What, are you afraid to have real black Republicans [on] who know what the hell they are talking about?”


President Trump also announced that his rallies would begin again. The President mentioned being in Dallas, TX tomorrow, which would be June 11. He also said he was going to Tulsa, Oklahoma. President Trump indicated that plans to hold the Republican National Convention in North Carolina have changed. The administration is reportedly looking into other areas to host the convention.

The full-text of the roundtable discussion may be found at the link below.