UNITED STATES—President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania took some time in the Rose Garden of The White House following the tradition to pardon two turkeys.

President Trump gave a brief history lesson about President Abraham Lincoln being the first President to spare a turkey upon request of his son. George H.W. Bush was the first to give a turkey an official pardon.

The turkeys pardoned were Bread and Butter, named by the students from Harrells Christian Academy in North Carolina.

President Trump indicated the turkeys were raised in the Tar Heel State by local farmers, Wellie and Tara Jackson who attended the turkey’s pardon with their family. President Trump shared a laugh with the crowd saying “Thankfully Bread and Butter have been specially raised by the Jackson’s to remain calm under any condition which will be very important because they have already received subpoenas to appear in Adam Schiff’s basement.”

“But, Bread and Butter, unlike previous witnesses, you and I have actually met,” President Trump added.

The turkeys will retire at Gobbler’s Rest at Virginia Tech College in Blacksburg, Virginia where they will join last year’s chosen fowl, “Peas and Carrots.” President Trump added, “they will be cared for and have a terrific life.”

He ended his speech with thanks to God for shedding his grace on our great Nation and for the prosperity of our Nation.