UNITED STATES—I was going to write on this issue last week, but time got the best of me and I’m glad I didn’t. It allowed me to clearly go through my thoughts to have a concrete analysis of the events that transpired. I know there are plenty of people out there who despise President Donald Trump and I know there are those out there who love the guy, but when you fester any form of hate or discrimination I have a major problem. President’s Trump decision to halt transgender individuals from serving in the military is beyond baffling. Quite frankly, I think the comments he made are ignorant and stupid.

There was a time when people would not even consider enlisting in the army or military, and we have this guy, our Commander of Chief, telling people who might want to serve this country, to protect this land, to protect their families, to protect America that they cannot. Are you got damn kidding me? Am I mad, absolutely! I think this type or rhetoric is the prime reason America continues to have issues with fulfilling that notion that we are a melting pot and we accept all races, all cultures and all individuals regardless of their sexuality or orientation.

For a man who made a promise during his campaign to work for and to fight for the LGBTQ community, alienating the transgender community by even putting out in the universe such rhetoric is just baffling. I mean please tell me, please tell me what was your aim in making such a decision? Are you trying to put the American people in another war? Are you trying to alienate people who could and who WANT to fight for our country? Are any of your kids planning to enlist to serve this country? Yeah, we already know the answer to that question, so why waste any additional time on it.

If a person chooses, and wants to fight for this country, rather they are straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgender, they should be entitled to that right. I mean it’s no secret, I’m certain there are plenty of Americans out there who have no interest whatsoever to fight for this country, so to spit in the faces of people who actually want to do so is downright wrong. Yes, I said it: President Donald Trump is wrong for the comments that he made and he should be ashamed of himself for pushing such alienation, and simply put discrimination out there in the world.

It’s a form of discrimination when you say a particular group can’t do or have something because of their race, religion or sexual orientation. How can the person who is leading our country not see this? How can those individuals close to President Trump not educate him or enlighten him on this issue. This only makes me wonder in the coming weeks or months if Trump will announce those who are African-American, Latino, Jewish, Indian or those who are of a particular age group being eliminated from serving our country.

So many Americans, celebrities and people like myself are waiting for President Trump to come out and clarify the idiotic and stupid comments he made. Fingers crossed, we don’t find ourselves in a situation where another war breaks out. I mean North Korea is just threatening Americans day in and day out of plans to launch a missile that can reach American soil. If that is the case, what is President’s Trump’s plan? Who will be allowed to fight for our country and who will not be allowed to do so considering we’ll need every possible solider and fighter to stop the onslaught of chaos that a country that hates America’s guts from having us at their mercy.

This is why I argue all the time, think before you speak; think before you act, there are consequences for everything we do in our daily lives. President Trump you have shown quite a bit about your character in the last week, and as a proud American who has had countless family members serve this country during World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War and the Iraq War I am ashamed by your actions.