HOLLYWOOD—How close is the audience to learning the truth about what happened to Mona? Let’s just say I’m certain in a few more episodes the truth will all be revealed, but “Over the Barrel” led the liars a bit closer to learning the truth about “A’s” nefarious plans.

This time “A” turned their sights to Hanna. Really did “A” think the authorities would by Mona’s BFF to be culpable in her murder? Well if the evidence is there, you have to follow it. Spencer updated the ladies on her latest foray to destroy the knife that could’ve been used to murder Mona.

Aria and Emily were both stunned by the register, which printed Aria’s entire letter to Jackie Molina courtesy of “A.” I must say “A” is one devious fiend. Hanna was a bit surprised to see Ted back in the states, and she called her mother out on her secret tryst. Toby helped Spencer decide rather to open her college acceptance letters, but she was in no mood.

Spencer’s new roommate, Johnny seemed a bit thrown by meeting Toby. I almost had the feeling that the two had met somewhere before. Now who the hell is “H?” First we have, “A,” now “H,” whose next “B?” Spencer nearly lost it after receiving a text from Mona! Caleb, Spencer and Hanna deciphered that Mona’s laptop was used to send text to all the liars.

Aria waited for her mystery guest, but instead ran into Jason who seemed smitten by her. Is Jason looking to hook up with as many ladies as possible? Instead the duo shared information about Ali’s possible relationship with Detective Holbrook, just as she received another text from “H.”

It appeared that Emily is constantly butting heads with her new co-worker, who wants to reinvent the wheel.  Caler tracked Mona’s laptop to a storage unit, and Spencer came face-to-face with a former teacher. She mentioned a blond girl (seems Alison continues to be the red herring). Ted delivered some surprising news to Hanna about his plan to ask for her mother’s hand in marriage. She seemed to think he was aware that she had a tryst with Jason.

Caleb and Spencer managed to sneak into the locked storage unit, and found Mona’s laptop, chemicals, and some very bloody clothing. Could “A” be planning to frame the liars? Sure looks like it. They discovered a barrel where they suspect Mona’s body may have been hidden. Our smartest liar deciphered that it’s possible that Mona’s body has been dissolved, similar to what has been seen on “Breaking Bad.”

Hanna did her best to try to talk some sense into her mother, but once again the parent was acting more childlike than ever. Caleb wiped the surveillance footage to delete any trace of their appearance. The biggest question is why the lairs are so afraid to dig deeper to find out what is being hidden. It’s almost like they’re doing everything “A” wants them to do without knowing it.

Hanna was a bit thrown by Aria’s arrival with a bouquet of flowers, and Aria discovered that Hanna went to see Ali in jail. I must say I’m stunned to realize Aria didn’t pick up on the fact that Jason and Ashley hooked up. During a game of Scramble, Spencer asked Toby for a favor that caused another rift in their relationship because of her secrets.

It was a proposal unlike any other, as Ashley was at a loss for words; guessing that has something to do with her guilty conscience. Emily might have a new love interest in her latest co-worker, but she is infringing on Aria’s territory to say the least. Spencer learned a bit more about Johnny who pried into her past. Looks like love is in the air cause Spencer might have eyes for Johnny or vice versa.

Caleb stopped by Hanna’s to break the news that the name on the rental was hers. The final moments revealed “A” breaking into Detective Holbrook’s office and logging into his computer. Just what is “A” looking for?  Uh, just when things get good the episode wraps. Next week, we might finally see what is inside that barrel. Could it be Mona? Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!