HOLLYWOOD—Well last week kicked off season 7 of “Pretty Little Liars,” this week’s episode ‘Bedlam’ saw things kick into full gear after Hanna found herself being rescued by the enemy, um, Mary Drake. The episode kicked off with Hanna and Mary having a tense conversation about her past. Gosh, this lady just oozes evil in the most subtle ways.

Aria, Spencer, Caleb, Emily, Toby and Ezra did their best to get Hanna to share any details she could about Mary Drake. Hanna questioned Mary’s motives and the belief that Alison was responsible for murdering Charlotte. The gang was startled when they received a bouquet of flowers from the mysterious A.D. Hanna arrived back at Lucas’ apartment, where she and Caleb discussed the status of their relationship. Emily raised a great question about Ali’s safety, just as she received a call from her pal asking for help.

Emily became inquisitive about why Ali’s visitor list was cut down to family only, which forced Elliott to do his best to present a cover story. Hanna played catch-up with Hanna who was guarded about her latest incident. Spencer and Emily devised a plan to utilize Mary Drake to visit Ali. Heartbreak runs yet again, as Aria decided to end things with Liam, but he dropped a bomb by revealing he is back working on Ezra’s novel. Awkward! In a flashback, the audience got the opportunity to see how Hanna and Jordan met.

Elliott stood his ground against allowing the liars to see Alison, which prompted the ladies to begin to suspect that Elliott could very well be A.D. and their new tormentor. Makes sense, but I still don’t think he’s Uber A people, that’s way too obvious. Looks like Hanna is focused on reigniting her relationship with Jordan versus Caleb.

Thank God, Emily is using her brains to use Mary Drake to get to Ali without Elliott’s consent. Ezra and Liam clashed a bit with the direction of the book. It got underneath Ezra’s skin, and it became apparent that Liam is looking for a bit of payback. Spencer and Mary had a conversation about why Hanna was adamant about not going to the police. Spencer dug a bit into Mary’s past where she revealed the reasoning behind her time in Radley.

She shared a tale about a child that Jessica was babysitting that died. She got weaved into a twisted tale involving her sister, which explained her resentment, even her desire to want to kill her. But honestly people, can we truly trust the tale that Mary weaved for Spencer? I’d say we might want to think twice about that. More heartbreak people, as Hanna called off her engagement with Jordan.

To get the inside scoop on Ali’s condition, she decided to seek employment at the place where her pal is being held captive. Mary was shaken when she stepped inside the newly renovated Radley Sanitarium. The two ladies chatted as Mary divulged more details about her past. It was apparent that Emily could tell there were some cracks in Mary’s theory that Elliott is the best caretaker for Emily. She chose to invite Emily to come to the sanitarium with her to check on Alison’s whereabouts, hmm, is this part of her plan? Hanna took Lucas up on his offer to help her establish her own business.

Aria went to bat with Liam about her relationship with Ezra, where he revealed he was well aware of what happened between them. A very out of it Ali, spoke to Emily and was shocked when she came face-to-face with Mary, who she suspected to be Jessica. It became apparent that Ali gave Emily the clue she needed regarding Elliott not being trustworthy. Gosh, just as Ali was started to divulge more about the night that she was buried alive by Jessica, she gets cut off.

Emily questioned Elliott, just as Mary and her conspirator held a private conversation that was quite intense, and Emily was well aware that something wasn’t right. Spencer drowned her sorrows with alcohol after learning that she got fired from her job. What the wisest liar is without a job? What will she ever do? Finally, the elephant in the room is out of the bag, as Spencer and Caleb discussed the status of their relationship.

The final moments of the episode saw Emily witness Elliott deliver what looked like threats to Mary, just as someone recorded Ali having some drug placed in her IV that left her loopier than ever! Next week looks to be a good one, as Ali goes toe-to-toe with Elliott and gets the opportunity to escape. Until next week “PLL” fanatics!