HOLLYWOOD—So the mystery deepens on “Pretty Little Liars!” The latest episode, ‘Charlotte’s Web’ saw suspicion cast on all of the liars and those closest to them in the quest to find out who murdered “A.” Well liars, we finally got to meet Hanna’s new beau Jordan who flew into town to be savior to his fiancée.

Aria did her best to cover tracks for Ezra and herself, even though the audience knows the former lovebirds did meet each other the night that Charlotte was killed. Hmm, it really looks like the writers are planning to take Ezra down a dark path, but the question is just how dark will he get. I mean we’ve been teased this before in the PLL universe and it was a complete hoax. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen twice.

The mystery surrounding just what is going on with Emily Fields continues as she paid a visit to the doctor. I have reason to believe that Emily is suffering from an illness she wants to protect her friends and family from learning the truth. That is only the beginning of her problems as it appears funds are quite low. How much can one person take before they stop fighting?

Ali, Hanna and Spencer discussed possible suspects behind Charlotte’s death. She planned a dinner to bond with friends during a difficult time. Aria left Rosewood in a jiffy to get back to work, and we got to see the new love in her life, Liam. Hmm, looks like her new boy toy, will face stiff competition from her true love Ezra.

I pointed this out last week; it certainly looks like Spencer and Caleb are getting much closer as they did their best to crack the case involving Charlotte’s untimely death. I wonder how Hanna will respond when she realizes her bestie and former boyfriend are becoming much more than friends. Aria found herself in hot water with her boss about the situation involving Ezra’s newest book that is still DOA.

Looks like a new love interest could be brewing for Emily who asked Miranda to not disclose her medical crisis. She revealed that she suffered from cancer and that Emily should allow others to know about her current predicament. Caleb, Spencer, Emily, Ali, Hanna, Jordan all came together to have dinner to brighten the spirits of a fragile Ali. Things got slightly awkward with Liam and Jordan coming face-to-face, seeing the tension, Spencer intervened and shared a bit about how she and Caleb kept in touch during that 5-year time jump.

We did learn from Alison that Charlotte was killed at around 4 a.m. which gives a timeline for who may or may not have been involved in the nefarious one’s death. When Ali delivered grace, it seemed that she was hinting that one of her pals may have been responsible for her sister’s death. The death scare she gave Hanna sent chills down my spine. It became apparent that Hanna and Spencer were aware that Aria snuck out the hotel room during the time frame that Charlotte was killed. Pam was concerned about her daughter’s wellbeing. During a conversation with her mom, Emily spotted Aria sneaking upstairs to speak with Ezra. She questioned him about his whereabouts, which she didn’t seem to believe.

Spencer and Hanna decided to hack into her mother’s security box to get the scoop on video that depicted Aria and Ezra being up to no good. The ladies cornered Aria and asked her what happened on that fateful night. A flashback revealed Aria and Ezra sharing a moment about the court deciding to let “A” out on a leash. The lovebirds were seen strolling around town during the wee hours of the night and spotted Charlotte lurking around town.

Looks like Ezra was none too pleased to see Charlotte out and about, just as he placed Aria in a cab, with Ezra left behind. Aria, Hanna and Emily did not suspect Ezra of being capable of committing murder, but Spencer did. More important is deciphering WHO Charlotte was visiting in the wee hours of the night? Spencer shared a tale with the ladies about her chance meeting with Ezra, looks like Mrs. Hastings was none pleased that her daughter could be involved in another scandal that could have a devastating impact on the Hastings clan.

Emily paid a visit to her father’s grave to confess that she has been kicked out of school, but her confession was ruined when she spotted Sara Harvey in the cemetery as well. Hmm, was she there to confess to her involvement in the death of “A?” Hanna deleted the video of Aria sneaking out to the hotel, just as she pondered her thoughts of how this decision could impact the rest of her life.

The episode concluded with a mysterious figure that has not yet been seen visiting Charlotte’s grave to pay their respects. Hmm, I’m dying to know, just when the audience will get their first glimpse of this nefarious enemy. Must say ‘Charlotte’s Web’ may not have been the most exciting episode, but it sure weaved a web of deception for the viewers. Next week’s episode looks interesting as Ezra unleashes a bit of rage on the liars, not to mention that Melissa Hastings is back in the mix. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!