HOLLYWOOD—Finally, details about Charles DiLaurentis were spilled in episode four, ‘Don’t Look Now.’ The episode opened with a very distraught Alison who revealed that Charles is her brother. He was born 15 months before Jason; he was troubled at an early age. Charles was institutionalized at Radley to protect him. Mr. D revealed that the family moved to Rosewood after Charles was admitted to the sanitarium.

The patriarch of the family revealed that they did their best to keep Ali and Jason safe, but Charles got progressively worse. Ali spilled the beans to her father that Charles tormented them, but he dropped a bombshell on the girls: Charles is dead! He killed himself! The ladies discovered Charles was cremated, but Hanna and the other liars weren’t buying what was being sold.

Smart plan to visit Radley, the one place that holds all the secrets, but there is one problem: Radley is closed. Sarah is becoming a staple at the Fields home, but was not open to the idea of an appointment with Dr. Sullivan, which seemed to rattle the tortured soul. Aria decided to use the Internet in hopes of gathering information on Charles, but ran into a dead end. Byron did his best to bond with his daughter, but she was quite guarded.

Spencer got the scoop that files from all patients previously at Radley were in process of being shredded. The liars’ better move fast if they want to obtain those details. Ezra did his best to provide solace to Spencer regarding the threat still lingering in Rosewood. Spence recalled a traumatic moment inside the dollhouse where she was covered in blood. The ladies devised a plan to check out the facility, which sent a few waves as the ladies toyed around their personal traumas. Spencer is indeed a fiend; she went digging through Aria’s trash to get her hands on those sleeping pills.

Ali continued to pick her father’s brain about her ‘dead’ brother, and Mr. D revealed he was relieved Charles was no longer alive. The liars spotted a ton of boxes being loaded onto a truck and decided to sneak into the building, and Spencer suffered another traumatic flashback. Aria found Charles’ file and discovered that their tormentor suffered from severe depression and only had two visitors while in Radley: Ali’s Mom and Carol Ward.

Sarah eavesdropped as Emily and Pam discussed her predicament. Spencer asked an employee at the brew if it was possible for her to get pot. No, Spencer what is wrong with you! Sarah has fled the Fields abode; something is up with this character. Ali gave Jason a copy of Charles file and noted that Aunt Carol visited their brother multiple times. A flashback revealed Mrs. D was at her sister’s property and was hesitant to allow her son to stay after his stint at the hospital. It became apparent to Jason that someone was at the home, and his mother didn’t want him to know who.

Hanna, Jason, Ali and Spencer decided to visit Carol’s property and left Ali with tons of questions. Aria continued to develop her pictures and discovered a message from ‘A,’ “You’re my doll b***h.” This lead to Aria recalling some terrifying moments inside the dollhouse before realizing she was trapped. Spencer broke down while speaking to Hanna, just as Emily and Sarah appeared to be getting closer.

Aria became buddies with a fellow photographer, who was mesmerized by her doll pics. Jason, Ali, Spencer and Hanna discovered Charles headstone, which prompted Hanna to dig up the grave to prove the truth. Ok, so is Charles really dead? If so that is a game-changer to discovering the truth about the liars’ tormentor. Hanna and Spencer realized “A” must be someone who knew Charles while he was in Radley. That’s a game-changer because it means almost anyone in Rosewood could be the big bad villain. What, is Haleb breaking up? It sure looks like it.

Ezra did his best to convince Spencer not to go down a dark path, but she refused to heed his advice. Ali was confronted by her father, who informed her that Charles was placed in Radley because when she was a baby Charles placed her in a tub of hot water. The final moments revealed “A” eating taffy, as it was revealed they had tracking devices on all of the liars. Next week looks to be a good one as Mona makes her return to Rosewood. Until next week “Pretty Little Liars” fanatics!