HOLLYWOOD—I was eagerly awaiting the episode of “Pretty Little Liars” where the audience would be treated to a handful of juicy tidbits. Well the wait is over, as ‘Pretty Isn’t the Point’ gave the audience the inside scoop on what Mike was really up to and Mona’s nefarious plan, but more on that later.

The episode opened with Aria and the liars searching Mike’s bedroom for any evidence they could get their hands on. The liars found a necklace that happened to be Morse code for “I’m With You.” The girls deciphered it must have been something for Alison, but were they wrong.

Johnny did his best to pick Spencer’s brain again, just as Toby spotted the duo having lunch. To say he was a bit jealous would be a major understatement. Hanna was coy with Caleb about her plans to enter the beauty pageant, but soon revealed all.

Andria continued their study sessions, as Aria used her charm to get Andrew to snoop on her brother who was hiding things in a tree stump in Mona’s backyard. Hanna learned the hard way that entering a pageant isn’t as easy as it appears. Tamily had a few rough patches in their relationship, when Emily came face-to-face with Eric, Talia’s husband! I have a feeling this guy will see Emily as a threat and attempt to take her out.

Andrew played right into Aria’s hands giving her the scoop on her brother, I have a feeling Ezra could have some competition. Spencer found herself in a sticky situation again, as she felt obligated to help Johnny steal back his art. Doesn’t this girl get she’s been arrested enough times already? Emily helped Hanna choreograph a dance routine to die for; I must say it was pretty darn sharp, that was till Hanna learned Kate signed up for the competition.

Emily and Hanna soon discovered after dealing with the pageant coordinator from hell, that “A” set-up the entire ruse, Kate never entered that competition. Spencer and Johnny decided to steal back his art, but never planned on triggering the alarm. The two fled, but were later caught by Toby who dragged Spencer’s new friend down to the police station. A rift is certainly evident in Spoby’s relationship because Spencer allowed Johnny to kiss her once he broke the news he had been kicked out by her mom. Aria decided to do some nighttime investigating and found a vile of blood in Mona’s backyard. She was spotted by Mike who revealed that it was Mona’s blood. This freaked big sis out who fled the scene quicker than you can say ‘go.’

Emily alerted Hanna she was going to compete in the pageant to help her. So sweet, that’s what friends are for. Back at the Montgomery house, Aria panicked when Mike arrived, but he promised to reveal all and he did. In a revealing flashback, Mike caught Mona in her bedroom storing containers of her blood. Why? It was apart of “A’s” larger plan to frame Alison for murder. Just one problem, Mona didn’t expect “A” to double cross her. The bigger question to ask is how was Mona in contact with “A” to begin with?

Her plan to expose “A” was genius, but she didn’t think of an alternative in the case of a double cross. Never trust an enemy. Mike revealed to Aria that Cyrus was informed by “A” to get Alison out of town the day that Mona died. It was a touching scene because Mike literally laid his heart out on the table.

Aria altered the ladies of the latest developments and they were forced to make a major decision: they have to help Alison. The friend they turned on was not guilty after all. The final moments of the episode saw “A” snooping in Mike’s bedroom. An important clue in my opinion was the fact that the mysterious party decided to try out a few of Mike’s weights.

This gives evidence that our villain is someone who has quite a bit of strength. The episode ended with “A” pulling out a wrench, planning to tinker with Mike’s equipment. Hmm, that doesn’t bode well if you ask me. The “Pretty Little Liars” Facebook page has revealed that the truth about “A’s” identity will occur during the #BigAReveAl. This is juicy information liars nation! Until next week “PLL” fanatics!