LOS ANGELES—On Saturday, July 17, at 11 a.m., officers from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) met a group of protesters outside of Wi Spa in Koreatown that escalated to violence.

Protesters showed up after a transgender individual born biologically male, disrobed and entered the women’s section of the spa. Video of the response of the women confronting the spa owners went viral and protests ensued as a result.

Officers reported via Twitter dozens of protesters were arrested after refusing to vacate the region.

Footage of a female protester being shot with a rubber bullet by the LAPD went viral on social media.

The protests have been blamed on ANTIFA, which stands for antifascist. No indication has been confirmed that ANTIFA is responsible for the incident. Officers have been accused on social media of being “anti-transgender activists.”

It is not clear if the biological male who allegedly exposed himself in the women’s section of the Wi Spa was arrested. There were no reports of people protesting on behalf of women and possibly children’s rights.

Canyon News reached out to the LAPD, as well as Wi Spa for comment. Wi Spa confirmed that the individual who exposed himself in the women’s section of the establishment was arrested. The LAPD did not respond back before print.