LOS ANGELES— On Saturday, August 1, three protesters were arrested outside the Windsor Square residence of Mayor Eric Garcetti. The protests were centered around calls for a moratorium on rents and opposition to plans to build a Community Safety Partnership Bureau within the Police Department.

One protester was arrested on suspicion of battery on a police officer, a second on suspicion of resisting arrest, and a third on suspicion of trying to free an arrestee. Additionally, two protesters were cited and released for being pedestrians in a roadway. 

“When one of the traffic violators was stopped and advised he was going to be cited, a battery on a police officer occurred and the violator was taken into custody. Other suspects became aware of the detention by the officers and attempted to surround the officers and additional assaults were committed against additional officers,” said Joshua Rubsteinstein of the Los Angeles Police Department in a statement.

Protesters and those in support of them have disputed this account of events. Twitter user @AlmostKelvin said: “LAPD is swarming people and throwing them to the ground in front of @MayorOfLA’s house for legally protesting, apparently for being a ‘pedestrian in the street.’ How does Garcetti think protests will go if he does nothing to protect the thousands of people facing eviction?”

Various protests have been staged at the home of Mayor Garcetti. The People’s City Council has organized demonstrations to demand the city impose a blanket ban on evictions, cancel rents and provide hotels for the homeless.

Video courtesy of @josie_huang via Twitter.