UNITED STATES—Ok, this was something that I wanted to talk about for weeks, but the latest public figure to throw their hat in the ring just caused me to lose it. We all know Kelly Clarkson had a baby recently, and most women while pregnant put on a bit of weight, but the backlash the singer has been receiving is just unacceptable on all fronts.

First, America had to deal with that twit of a British reporter, if that’s what she really is, making obscene, rude and just ignorant comments about the singer. To see her not have any remorse of her comments just boiled my blood even more. I know I might catch a bit of flack for this, but that reporter is no Halle Berry, she might want to take another look in the mirror, because she has plenty of imperfections alright.

What’s even scarier is the fact that this woman has children, and she’s making herself look like a fool on national television. People just feel the right to say what they want without any backlash. Guess what America, stop it! With the social media driven culture we live in, the idea of you not facing scrutiny for ignorance is a major mistake.

Just ask FOX news journalist Chris Wallace who is facing scrutiny from the public for comments he also made about Kelly Clarkson. Why can’t someone just step up and say, “Really, you’re asking me about that. Don’t you have any questions that are a bit more important than trying to get me to take a jab at someone’s weight?”

Yeah, seems some journalists, or gossip columnists depending on how you perceive the term, don’t understand what it means to ask the questions people really want to know. Gossip is ok and all, but when it turns to personally attacking someone just because, it crosses the line in my opinion.

It raises the question of just how vital public perception is in society. We care so much about looks that we don’t see beyond beauty. What’s that saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but what is inside counts even more. Is it that hard for people to dig a bit deeper. Wallace is someone who is known to keep things on a low profile, but he has opened a gateway where the pundits are going to attack him in a way never seen before. Guess what, he so deserves it. I’m not an advocate for bullying because it just repeats the cycle.

As kids, most of us were susceptible to bullying and kids can be quite cruel to say the least, but what I’m learning as an adult is that adults are far worse than kids. The level of hate that we spew is just unacceptable, who thinks its ok to take jabs at people without being held accountable for those actions. The cycle of bullying continues to exist because kids are seeing their parents and adults behave in a manner that they deem to be acceptable.

It we don’t teach them right from wrong at an early age, it gets to a point where it’s impossible to reverse the damage. We spend TOO MUCH time focused on beauty and body image, and I blame the media partly for this. If you’re always highlighting what perfection is (its not attainable people), than people are going to go to extreme lengths to try to get it.

Fat shaming a celebrity or any person for that matter, for not looking like you, or what you think they should look like is just despicable. Take a serious look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Just who the hell do I think I am.” Remember what goes around comes around and when it hits you its always 10x worse.