WOODLAND HILLS—A six-month old puppy jumped out of a moving vehicle on the 101 freeway near Woodland Hills in late 2022. Video from the driver’s Tesla was released on Friday, February 10.

The video shows the puppy, who goes by Sophia looking out of the car’s window which was partially rolled down. The puppy leaps and tumbles along the lanes of the 101 and stops before getting hit by a semi-truck. 

The driver in the semi-truck slowed down allowing Sophia to get to the side of the freeway. The owner pulled over and rescued the animal.

According to Sophia’s now adoptive family, she has no internal bleeding and no broken ribs from the incident. She was taken to a veterinarian to be assessed and it was discovered she suffered a fractured hip. Sophia recovered eight weeks later and is showing signs of good health. 

The family fostered the puppy at the time of the incident and decided to officially adopt her thereafter.   

There are no guidelines for whether the dog needs to be tethered down while driving as humans are with seatbelts, but California Highway Patrol advises pet owners take extra measures to ensure their safety.