UNITED STATES—You may get excited about the prospect of your first gaming laptop, and you should. Once you have a proper gaming laptop, you can enjoy excellent graphics and audio. Obvious reasons for buying a gaming laptop include extended game options and time and playing with friends. Since gaming laptops cost more than traditional ones, it is imperative that you research your options well. 


When you think about the ultimate gaming experience, you may imagine perfectly clear, crisp images. To achieve this, your graphics card (GPU) must quickly process the information coming into your computer. Some games run well with a basic version, however, seasoned gamers often upgrade as they play more complex games. A GPU for a gaming computer has a memory of its own and is called a VRAM. In a traditional laptop, you do not have a separate graphics card.

The level of power you need depends on the type of games you play. You need an incredibly fast refresh rate for virtual reality games, for example. Beginner to mid-level gamers can work well with about 4GB of VRAM. Opt for a higher number if you want to improve your experience, however. Gamers rarely have regrets about leveling up when it comes to graphics. With Alienware coupon codes you can save money on the best laptops and computer parts. 


While you may go for the smallest computer when looking for a traditional laptop, you may need something bulkier for gaming. The size of your laptop depends on your gaming habits and where you plan to use it. If you plan to play primarily from home, you can easily work with a larger laptop. With a 17 to 19 inch screen, you can enjoy a great visual display. Your laptop should also run cooler since you can have larger fans. Expect to stay plugged in most of the time, as well. It takes a lot of power to run a large gaming laptop. 

If you plan to be out and about with your gaming laptop, you may need to consider some 13-15 inch models. A charge on a larger laptop simply won’t last long enough for you to get much use out of it. With a smaller laptop, however, you must compromise the strength of your CPU and GPU since cooling becomes an issue. 


You may need to try out a few different keyboards to find the right laptop for you. Everyone has different preferences. Many gamers spend hours on their computers. If you feel uncomfortable, you may lack proper game performance. Many gamers end up purchasing a separate gaming keyboard to use with their laptop. You can likely find a laptop with great specs and an excellent keyboard, however. Try out a few different types of keys on your friend’s laptops or at the store. A classic mechanical keyboard gives you a satisfying sound along with superior typing efficiency. Customizable RGB lighting lets you add a personal touch, as well. 

Sound and Display

While most gamers rely on high-quality headphones to get the best sound, good laptop audio can still remain useful. Look for features such as surround sound and bass boost to get the feeling of immersion in the game. 

Be sure your display has the proper resolution. You can’t enjoy the benefits of a great GPU if the computer display lacks quality. A gaming computer should have no less than a resolution of 1920 x 1080. A touch screen really has no purpose for most gamers and causes your computer to use more power. If you often use your computer for games you also play on your phone or tablet, you may consider it a necessity, however. You can also find laptops with either a matte or glossy display. Neither of these interferes with quality, however, you may have a preference. 

Take some time to research several gaming laptops and their common features. You may also need to stick to a particular budget. If you need to keep costs minimal, make a list of your top priorities to help you pick the best one for your gaming style. You can expect to spend anywhere from $1000 to over $3000 for a gaming laptop. Get ready to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with your new gaming equipment.