SANTA MONICA—Officers from the Santa Monica Police Department have arrested 2 suspects in connection to a purse snatching incident at a Santa Monica restaurant on September 18. The incident occurred in the evening hours at a restaurant on the 1600 block of Ocean Avenue.

At a nearby Apple store, a police officer received notice that thieves were in the area when he noticed two suspicious men exiting the building, both who were reported in a crime bulletin for several purse snatches in the region.

The officer apprehended Manuel Bastias-Gutierrez, 28, and Xiomara Salas, 31, who were arrested after claiming to not hold any suspicious items. The authorities found that the two suspects had stolen credit cards on them and had hidden additional paraphernalia in the store vents.

According to the Santa Monica Daily Press, an employee of the store claims that the two assailants attempted to purchase a laptop with no success, as the credit cards were declined.

Upon the arrest, the two men were charged with credit card fraud, grand theft and burglary, in addition to conspiracy of committing a crime. Salas was utilizing a false government ID and received an additional charge. His bail was set at $3 million.