SANTA MONICA—In just three weeks the surfing champion and award-winning Independent film star Tanna Frederick will be on the big screen in Henry Jaglom’s best film ever, “Queen of the Lot.” The film is already getting its players nominations. The Wild Rose Independent Film Festival has nominated the film for Best Director, Henry Jaglom; Best Cinematography; Best Ensemble; Best Feature Film; Best Actress, Tanna Frederick; Best Actor, Noah Wyle; and Best Supporting Actor, Chris Rydell.

Canyon News spoke exclusively with leading lady, Tanna Frederick, about her over-the-top character, Maggie Chase, in the film.

Q-What have been the responses from people who have seen a sneak peek of “Queen of the Lot” already?

A-“Women have loved the love story. They are blown away by Noah Wyle’s work. And women seem quite smitten with him, and, well, the men sort of do too. He’s a strong and honorable Henry Fonda/ Jimmy Stewart leading man in this film. And I appreciate the references to the comparisons to some of the great duos in the ’40s- One woman actually said she was so affected by the intimacy of one of the romantic scenes she wanted to turn her head away but couldn’t. She loved that there was no falseness in the film, and a lot of women seem to have a little Maggie in themselves. They have said they have gone through moments in their lives where they didn’t fully embrace their power and direction in their lives, got sidetracked, and were pulled between going after what was ”˜real and healthy’ for them in terms of relationships versus, as Laura Tucker wrote, ”˜being chewed up and spit out.’”

Q-Did you think when filming “Queen” that it’d be so timely and current?

A-“No. I mean, I had seen the seeds planted as when we were developing the story of certain stars beginning to be placed under house arrest, but then while we have been editing the film the whole Hollywood scene went into the whole ”˜rehab is hip’ type deal where everyone was going to rehab and getting DUI’s and being arrested for substance abuse related crimes. And then the whole ”˜Dr. Drew Reality Rehab’ thing started, so obviously it’s a prominent issue right now, and somehow it worked out appropriately that the movie would be release now, in the midst of all these substance related dramas going on. It’s not a light subject, and it shouldn’t be taken as a joke. I think that it is something that really needs to be looked at on a deeper lever, emotionally and psychologically, because I believe the root of a substance abuse issue is an internal issue that must be explored and dealt with in order to overcome such diseases.”

Q-How did you, such a solid individual get into the skin of an out of control Hollywood star?

A-“Quite easily! I just studied ”˜Us Weekly’ for a half a year! Seriously-there are so many pitfalls that artists can find themselves in, being that the make-up of an artist intellectually, emotionally, physiologically and psychologically is primed by ridiculous amounts of rejection compounded with the necessity to be emotionally available and vulnerable. I mean, of course artists get out of control, especially when they gain an amount of fame and success and steady work-after having an absence of those for such a long time-to deal with those changes, with who likes you now, who is using you, who is trying to be your friend, who was always your friend, who can really keep your career safe and guide it, and who’s there with ulterior motives. All that can make an actor nuts. So, I’m afraid all the feelings of anxiety and fear and the possibility of falling back into failure-how is a person supposed to deal with that? The inner turmoil of an actor is complicated and lovely, heartbreaking and admirable, and I took her on with no judgment and the utmost respect for her struggles.”

For a sneak peek at the official trailer go to YouTube – Official Queen of the Lot movie Trailer 2010.

Photographs are Courtesy: Lesley Bohm Photography