FLORIDA—Victoria Siegel, daughter of businessman David A. Siegel, 80, and actress Jackie Siegel, 49, has passed away at the age of 18.

The Siegel family is best known for their 2012 documentary “The Queen of Versailles.”

Victoria was found unresponsive at the family’s home in Florida on Saturday, June 6 shortly after 2:00 p.m. She was rushed to Health Central Hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Victoria Siegel.
Victoria Siegel.

Jackie took to Facebook, “It is with great sadness that we ask you to respect our privacy during this tragic time and the loss of our beloved daughter, Victoria. Thank you all for your prayers and for your support. As more information comes out the family will share it, until that time there is no comment.”

The following statement was released: “The Siegel family is devastated and heartbroken by the loss of their beloved Victoria, age 18. They are hurt, deeply wounded and they are grieving. Victoria was a beautiful spirit with a wonderful smile who was greatly loved, and will be deeply missed. Victoria had a history of seizures and was prescribed medication for this condition. Unfortunately she became dependent and struggled with this condition. She voluntarily underwent rehabilitation and was working hard to address this problem. The Siegel family was attending a wedding in Park City, Utah over the weekend of June 6th.”

The statement continued, “The family was planning to return to Orlando on Sunday, June 7th to begin a family cruise on the following Monday. At approximately 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 6th, Victoria was found by a housekeeper at the Siegel residence and emergency medical personnel were summoned to the residence. Unfortunately, resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful. David and Jacqueline were immediately notified and returned to Orlando the same day. While an autopsy has been performed the cause of death has not been determined. It is likely that Victoria ingested one or more drugs prior to her death, however, we cannot determine at this time whether or not the drugs she took were in fact prescribed medication, something else, or where and how these drugs may have been obtained. We will have these answers as the investigation continues and the toxicology report is released. The family is deeply appreciative of the outpouring of support that they have received and request that their privacy be respected while they mourn their loss.”

The following statement has been revealed by the Siegel Family Attorney & Official Spokesperson, Michael Marder:

“The ex-girlfriend of Victoria’s boyfriend used his phone to send cruel and hateful text messages using the boyfriend’s phone. These messages were sent early on the morning of Victoria’s death. These messages were clearly intended to hurt Victoria and while we cannot be sure may have affected her emotional state at a time when she was emotionally vulnerable.

In addition David and Jacqueline will be starting the Victoria Siegel Foundation, the purpose of which will be dedicated to helping troubled teens with addiction issues, similar to the Betty Ford Clinic. The goal is to provide a facility that will be accessible to guide and counsel teens to fight addiction and allow them to live healthy and productive lives. Victoria’s passing cannot be in vain and if nothing else the Siegels want to do whatever they can to spare other families from the pain and suffering they are going through now.

The family is deeply appreciative of the outpouring of support that they have received and request that their privacy be respected while they mourn their loss.”