HOLLYWOOD—So I did think it was odd last week on the season seven premiere of “Queen Sugar” that there was very little Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner). Well, after a little bit of research online I discovered that Gardner is NOT a series regular this final season, she is on recurring status. Oh, that is a major disappointment, but I am eager to see how it plays odd during this final season.

Episode two, ‘After a Period, Peace Blooms’ witnessed Vi digging through old files to find information about Betty, her pal who just happens to be Parker’s mother (or so the audience is made to believe). Nova was determined to stop Sam Landry and Parker in their tracks, just as Micah and KeKe were getting closer. I will admit I am NOT that intrigued by Billie, but it looks like she might be starting a relationship with Parker, the enemy of the Bordelon clan, and either Billie has NO IDEA or Parker is working an angle people, and not disclosing her real name helps prevent the puzzle pieces from being connected.

Billie and Darla was attempting to help another farmer who was getting screwed over by a member of the Saint Joseph City Council where racism was screaming threw the screen. Uh, it was ugly, but a harsh reality that happens time and time again. Ralph Angel was driven to remain a united front for the Black farmers who are getting screwed over by a racist councilmember.

I wonder if Micah is having a dance with the Devil, but something tells me his professor revealing the truth about this NFT dealer is a dangerous one. Sam you better stop poking the bear when it comes to Violet, because whatever information she has she has been slowly, but surely holding onto for the right moment to strike. With that said, the Black Farmers of Saint Joseph pleaded their case to the City Council to prevent that massive project from moving forward courtesy of the Landry and Boudreau clan.

There we go, Billie now discovered that her so call pal at the supermarket is not one to be trusted as her sob story come to light. Everyone was well aware Billie was utilizing the waterworks to sway the council and rather it would work is one thing or another. Looks like the historical landmark was defeated and a devastating blow was just delivered. Vi was boiling in blood and I was giddy inside waiting for whatever bomb of a secret she is holding onto to be exposed.

Micah had that meeting regarding his art being uploaded to the NFT universe, and he had a big sale as a result to the tune of $10k. Billie and Nova bonded over drinks about life and relationships. Ralph Angel got some news that left him unsettled as one of the Black farmers they were hoping to protect her land was being booted from her property from failure to pay. It was a devastating moment to watch, as Vi, Hollywood, Darla, Prosper and Ralph Angel united as a front to protect one of their own. This war is turning ugly and I sense Sam and Parker are about to regret the move they made as some major repercussions are heading their way.