HOLLYWOOD—This fourth season of the hit OWN series “Queen Sugar” has been one hell of a ride. Out of nowhere Nova decided to reveal her true feelings about her siblings and all of her family secrets in her quest to sell a book, causing utter hell to explode in the process. In the midst of those bombshells being dropped, Nova made some inroads with her family, but her duplicity has fractured a level of trust that she will never get back. The season finale episode, “I Am” was a fun ride with a ton of secrets along the way. Charley alerted Micah she was not happy about his decision to not attend Harvard, but she needed time to process things. However, that moment was met with utter shock when officers arrived at her door to arrest her for arson.

It was a dirty move by Francis Landry, but Charley fought back making bail and addressing the press head on making it clear that she was framed and will be exonerated of all charges filed against her. I love that “Queen Sugar” tackles issues of race in America without sugarcoating things. It is something that lacks greatly in TV series’ on the airwaves nowadays so this is a welcome change to say the least. This finale dropped a ton and I mean a ton of bombshells, the biggest at the end of the episode, which we’ll talk more about later.

However, the one that left me shocked was learning about the relationship between Sam Landry and Violet. It seemed these two shared a past, and based on what I was hearing, the name ‘Betty’ stuck a chord. Is she a secret daughter that Sam and Violet don’t want anyone to know about? These two seem to have been lovers during a time where it was not accepted in America. That’s a juicy nugget we will have to decipher even more at a later time.

Sam handed over plenty of evidence to Aunt Vi who delivered that Intel to Charley and Nova to help take down their opponent. The name Parker Campbell kept coming up and it’s an important one to say the least. There were teases of a potential reunion between Ralph Angel and Darla all season long. After dancing around the issue, both had a heart-to-heart where they rekindled their romance! Rejoice America because it was indeed great news to see these two back together at last.

Nova was on edge about moving forward with Calvin, the love she lost, then regained then lost again. I mean he was married at the time and Nova was like his dirty little secret, but that has since changed people. When Nova made the waves to introduce Calvin to her family there were some hesitation, but the fam eventually came around to Nova’s lover.

The election looked like a tight race where Charley was on the losing end, but in a final push, Charley Bordelon became the newest councilmember for the city of Saint Joseph. My heart is heavy with happiness right now people. Charley confronted Francis about her duplicity just as she was arrested for her crimes, but she vowed vengeance.

It looks like the battle between the Bordelon’s and the Landry’s rages on. After being at odds with Nova all season long, Ralph Angel softened to his sister after learning that their mother was buried on the family’s land. Looks like brother and sister have a stronger bond than we ever imagined.

Now, it wouldn’t be a season finale without a cliffhanger people and this one sure delivered. Charley was eager to meet Parker Campbell who she assumed was a man, but actually turned out to be a woman; a female who happens to be a lobbyist who has been undermining Charley and her family for quite some time.

However, that was not the biggest bomb; it was the revelation that Parker is Sam Landry’s daughter! Yes, that threw me for a loop and left me aghast. I remember the name ‘Betty’ in the beginning of the episode, which makes me suspect that Parker might be Sam and Violet’s love child. We haven’t gotten confirmation, but I sensed that, maybe I’m wrong, but we’ll see.

It looks like Charley may have finally met a formidable foe and to be honest I’m all for it. It just makes for juicer storytelling if you ask me. Things seemingly ended on a happy note, but we know this battle between Sam, Charley and Parker is just heating up and I cannot wait until the new season of “Queen Sugar” returns.