HOLLYWOOD—Well that was quick for us “Bold and Beautiful” fans. I knew the chemistry was building between Quinn and Carter when kept walking in on him shirtless and teasing. It wasn’t that Quinn was just teasing; she was intrigued by what she was witnessing. Well, after several chats, about their respective lovers, (Eric and Zoe), Quinn and Carter connected on an emotional level with their struggles.

Quinn did her best to breakthrough to Eric to get him to touch and make love to her, but he would not budge. Zoe continued to push Carter, but he was also not buying what she was selling. After another chat with Carter, on Zoe’s behalf, the two gave into temptation. Yes people, Quinn and Carter did the deed and not the chaos with keeping that secret is about to emerge America.

Carter is in really dicey water if you’re asking me. I mean he works for Forrester Creations and he’s close pals with Ridge. This betrayal is not going to bode well for Carter if Ridge and Eric learn about this tryst, all hell could break out if it comes out and it will America. This is great that the writers are FINALLY and I mean FINALLY giving Carter a storyline. I mean the last time I remember him having a glimmer of a story was back with Maya and that was years ago people.

The dalliance of Carter and Quinn keeping up the ruse with Zoe and Eric will be fun to witness as it unravels, and cue Shauna, who learns about the secret and is forced to cover for her bestie. Like seriously? Do the writers not have anything to do for Shauna, Flo and Wyatt? They just seem to be on the canvas, without any purpose whatsoever. Let’s talk about Wyatt, who just keeps barging in on intense conversations between Liam and Bill. He wants to know what his father and brother are hiding, but it makes me wonder what the point is?

All signs seem to point to the direction of Wyatt discovering what Bill and Liam did and being forced into this cover-up that will ultimately lead to Flo finding out and feeling tasked to keep the secret. Now that I am being honest, that would be quite exciting to say the least. We know Bill Spencer will DO ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING to get his way. I mean look at how drastic he was in destroying Sally Spectra and her company in his quest for his perfect building. Do you honestly think Bill will allow Flo, Shauna, Wyatt or anyone else to blow his world apart in his quest to protect Liam? Um, NO, so this could truly turn into something amazing if the writers play with this tale the way I ‘hope’ they do.

Speaking of the Vinny demise, Liam is still unraveling and trying his best to stay sane America, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. I mean when he was questioned by Detective Baker he had guilty on his face, and Bill interjecting did not help the situation to say the least people. The only glimmer of hope was Hope herself asking Liam to move back home. So he’s back with his wife and kids, but the visions, the nightmares are still happening so it is only a matter of time before Liam cracks in front of Hope and it will send alarms ringing people.

Detective Baker seems to have his eyes on someone else, Thomas Forrester. Yes, it seems Thomas is still a top target for the authorities in Vinny’s hit-and-run. They seem to suspect he had a motive for wanting Vinny out and to be honest, it makes sense. Thomas seems ambivalent to the claims, which has only raised concerns for Brooke once again who is concerned about Thomas and Hope’s growing relationship. Thomas is still pinning after Hope and anyone who cannot see that is as blind as a bat people.

Besides the Vinny death, and Quinn and Carter’s tryst there is not much to chat about and that’s concerning as we’re in May sweeps people. It is worth noting that Eric and Donna have caught glimpses of one another. Donna senses something is off and reminder, Eric and Donna used to be an item people, so if the Quinn and Carter secret explodes (it will), it could be the thing that drives Eric and Donna back together and we could see the wicked Quinn re-emerge again people and with Carter defending Quinn it immediately sent red flags for Brooke Logan Forrester. When Brooke gets a hunch it never goes away until she gets the truth and trust this woman would want nothing else than to blow Quinn’s world apart after all the drama she has put her thru, the rivalry intensifies on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”