HOLLYWOOD—Surprises are definitely in store for soap fans of “The Bold and the Beautiful.” While many was hoping the reign of Quinn Fuller to come to an end, it looks like her comeuppance could be coming much sooner than later, if Ridge’s newest plan falls into place. I recall not too long ago, I was stunned with the prospect that Katie Logan might be Quinn’s undoing because of her relationship with Eric. I mean fans witnessed that Friday cliffhanger of Quinn violently attacking Katie with a candlestick, but alas it was a vision of what Quinn ‘wanted’ to do, not what she actually did.

She parlayed that frustration into her latest plan to get her son Wyatt and his wife, Steffy, who he is separated from to becoming the CEO of Forrester Creations. While everyone knows Eric makes the final decision, its apparent Quinn has more control over the old man than he wants to admit. Ridge was none too pleased with the news, nor was Rick (both are Eric’s sons by the way), he instead bestowed the honor to Steffy who was bewildered by her grandfather’s kindness.

Liam was livid when he discovered the news, and it makes perfect sense. This is the guy who has been manipulated and threatened by his brother’s mother on multiple occasions. She even held him captive against his will to cause fractures in his relationship to Steffy in the process. Too bad for Quinn, Steffy and Liam reunited because of her constant interference in her personal life, but the sparks between Wyatt and Steffy are still evident people, so anything is possible.

Now back to the good stuff, Ridge may have come up with an idea for his latest ploy on sheer coincidence when he spotted a nude Quinn taking a shower at the home that he once shared with Caroline. Yes, that strange occurrence has created a ton of giggly bubbles with this woman who seemed fascinated with the prospect that Ridge could be ‘interested’ in her. Come on Quinn, don’t flatter yourself. Ridge has eyes for only 1 woman, and I mean 1 woman, and that person has and will always be Brooke Logan. Now, that the two are back together, Quinn might want to be careful, she DOES not want Brooke as an enemy, nor Bill for that matter, if something happens to this woman who he can’t seem to escape.

I can already see the wheels spinning in Ridge’s mind; he knows he can rid his life of Quinn if he can get her to betray his father. The only guy that might be capable of doing so is Ridge himself, of to some degree even Liam. However, are these two guys willing to go to the extreme by betraying the women they love to rid themselves of a woman who is pure evil? I’m not so certain, but it’s apparent that both Ridge and Liam have the same agenda: get rid of Quinn at all costs. The question of the hour remains rather Quinn or Wyatt for that matter will catch onto what Ridge has planned before the evil mastermind takes a massive fall. To be honest people, she has it coming, cause she has yet to pay for any of her heinous crimes. I mean pushing Deacon off a cliff to his supposed death, holding Liam captive against his will, playing a role in Brooke’s first failed attempt at marriage against Bill, causing Hope to lose her child and that’s just all of the things I can think of at the moment.

If the writers are indeed heading in this direction, January and February could be interesting time on “The Bold and the Beautiful” people!