UNITED STATES—By now, I’m sure everyone has heard of theAlaska reporter who decided to make herself a media frenzy by quitting her job on live television. Is the video funny, without a doubt, but there is more to the story that we’re not discussing.

Was it a wise choice for the reporter to blatantly disrespect the company she works for and the public by unleashing an expletive on live television? No. Was it in bad character to do so in such a nonchalant way? My first thought after watching the video was that this woman was a major advocate for legalizing marijuana. This is a debate that continues to boil my blood because while so many cities and states across the country are legalizing the drug.

The problem is that no one is aware that marijuana is still illegal according to the federal law.  Anyway, what that reporter proved is that she was tasteless when it came to informing her employers that she had chosen another avenue for work.  There are plenty of side effects to quitting a job in an unprofessional way. It can come back to haunt you in more ways that ever.

I totally get the psychosis behind wanting to throw the finger at an employer or your boss who has made your life a living hell. It’s your opportunity to get back at them in a way that they least expected. Trust me I’ve had that notion in my head time and time again. But guess what, its better to portray the role of the bigger person. Why? You come out on top versus falling to the bottom.

Your employer might expect a disgruntled employee to act out that way, and because of that it can be used against you. People forget when you go to apply for another job you’re going to need a reference and let’s just say, if you leave on bad terms, the likelihood of you receiving a glowing recommendation is not going to happen.

Just thinking about that reporter, her career in journalism is over. I can’t see another news station even considering giving this lady a chance, after the stunt she pulled. They will always question her motives. Will she or won’t she.

I’ve worked quite a few jobs in my life span that I wasn’t a fan of, but at the end of the day I choose to always provide as noted at least two week’s notice to my employers so they were well aware that I would be soon leaving. Dropping a bomb on your employer that they didn’t expect can produce some shocks, but being the bigger person made me feel that 10x giddier inside.

Sometimes employers never know a good thing until it’s gone. The importance of things is the fact that at any given time, you might need a favor or an actual job again with that employer, so leaving on good terms can work in your favor. “Never burn your bridges.” That is a phrase that is so important in life, if you burn a bridge than you don’t have a way of crossing it.