HOLLYWOOD—Well, at last, Rafe and Nicole finally gave into temptation people last week on “Days of Our Lives.” Nicole was absolutely hysterical after discovering that Deimos was back from the dead and ready to cause massive chaos. Nicole managed to escape her suitor, but when she confessed to Rafe what transpired, he couldn’t believe his ears. Why? He had already spoken to Ava, who noted Charlie Dale was back from the dead and he killed Carmine.

Ava was looking crazier by the minute, so was Nicole, but that spark that had been lingering between Rafe and Nicole for months ignited and exploded to a point that temptation got the best of them. Rafe was full of remorse, so was Nicole, but here we go with another cheating scandal and this is becoming a trend for both Rafe and Nicole. Rafe cheated on Hope with Sami, now Ava with Nicole. Nicole cheated on Eric with Xander and now, she was charming EJ, and now she slept with his nemesis Rafe.

Talk about messy people, EJ will not be pleased with the news, Ava, the reformed mob princess might be out for blood and make it her mission to get revenge on both Rafe and Nicole for making her look like a fool. She’ll first have to get busted out of a cell to make that transpire. There is more mayhem taking place particularly with Allie and Tripp who are still recovering from the news that Charlie was back in the flesh and wanted his revenge also. Tripp managed to overtake Charlie and with the snap of a finger he was gone, the same with Deimos and Nick.

Yeah, Nick buried Jake alive, but Gabi managed to get to him in the ‘nick’ of time people, get it. Everything is building up for an epic explosion between Ava, Philip, Gabi, Rafe, Jake and Nicole. The question is when the secrets come out will anyone pay with their life? Speaking of Philip, he has no idea that Marlena the wicked and possessed has told Brady to go after what he wants, which means Chloe.

He heeded his stepmother’s request, not realizing that was not really Marlena speaking. He gave Chloe a passionate kiss that was about to turn into lovemaking. Too bad, Chloe blurted out Nicole’s secret involving Rafe. Damn, can Chloe keep a secret? Every time someone asks her to keep her lips pursed she seems to let those loose lips sink ships. Brady has promised not to talk, but secrets always have a way of coming out in the soap arena America.

Susan Banks is back in Salem warning Ben and Ciara that their bundle of joy is in major danger. I’m tired of the Ben and Ciara romance people. I get the writers are trying to make them the new daytime super couple, but they’re not Hope and Bo, Marlena or John or Jack and Jennifer. Perhaps they have been shoved down our throats way too much for my liking, and that awkward interaction with Theo who returned to town to visit his father, what was the purpose.

In addition, if someone like Susan knows you’re pregnant and you didn’t tell her that should be a major sign people a major one. Susan’s meddling got into her trouble, as MarDevil was NOT allowing it and she found herself in the crypt with John and they are planning a way to escape to expose the danger lurking in plain sight in Salem.

Gwen, Gwen, the secret is out, but the fallout is little to none. Abigail and Chad got the goods on Gwen faking her pregnancy and framing Abigail for causing the miscarriage that had already transpired before that fight at the top of the staircase. Abigail exposed the truth to Jack who was bewildered by the reveal and Gwen was left realizing that dear dad is very disappointed with his daughter. Are there any consequences coming Gwen’s way?
It doesn’t look like it, Abigail and Chad will keep their distance from her, which they were already doing, Jack is Jack, Xander is still smitten with her even though he just lost $1 million as a result of her antics.

Kristen is working overtime to get out of her little situation with the authorities, but it doesn’t look like EJ or any DiMera is coming to her rescue. She has an ace up her sleeve in the whereabouts of Sarah Horton, but is she willing to play that card. Justin and Bonnie are married, Paulina is still telling lies, halting her wedding to Abe after he was nearly killed taking a bullet, so what occurs next is anyone’s guess, but it is time for Paulina Price to be exposed for the liar that she is and Chanel is close to exposing that bombshell that Lani is her sister!