UNITED STATES—What is it about rainy days that so many people take offense to? I mean its just a little water at the end of the day right? Its like we live in this world, where everyone becomes super duper depressed when it rains. Please get out of that stupid funk and realize it’s not the end of the world.


For starters, you just have to adjust your plans accordingly. You may not be able to do the outdoor activities that you planned, but there are plenty of other things that you can do. For starters, it’s a great opportunity to clean the house. Rain has a way of creating mud, puddles of water and other unnecessary residue that many would love to avoid. Spend the day mopping floors, dusting or cleaning glass. Get your house in tip-top shape.


If cleaning is something that you prefer not to do, than perhaps it would be wise to take a day of meditation. Why meditation? It’s sometimes a good thing to clear the mind. I’ve recently come accustomed to just taking an hour or two and just placing my mind in an empty state. Why? I’m at peace.


I’m not worrying about work, money, food, any stressor in life that can become a negative train of thought. The more you think of something the more it tends to eat away at you.  Rain is quite calming in my opinion, not sure if others would agree with me, but raindrops on the ground is like music to my ears.


It’s the perfect opportunity to have a binge watch of your favorite TV series on a rainy day. Yeah, binge watching isn’t something easy to do. For starters you have to have loads of time to do it, and what better time than a rainy day when you’re off from work. You can almost catch a full-season or most of it from a series that you’ve missed or is the water cooler conversation at work. Sometimes sitting on the couch enjoying your favorites is what people need. Just eliminate the excessive amounts of snacks. Its one thing to be a couch potato, but don’t be a pig-stuffed couch potato.


If lying up on the couch isn’t a happy moment than perhaps enjoying one of your favorite movies is your cup of tea. In some cases, you can do a movie binge watch versus a TV binge watch.  Other options include taking an hour or two on the elliptical, bicycle, weight training, the treadmill or other forms of movement.


Perhaps a rainy day is the perfect opportunity to allow your creative mind to expand by doing some writing, drawing or knitting, something that allows a skill that you have to expand to new avenues. The point is a rainy day is not the end of the world, it’s just a little bit of rain, just be safe, but there are plenty of things to be done to brighten the spirits.