HOLLYWOOD—It’s that kooky comedy that seems to warm the heart while watching, I’m talking about the Fox comedy “Raising Hope.”  The series revolves around a dysfunctional family that tackles the difficult challenge of raising a baby. This comedic masterpiece has a talented cast that includes Martha Plimpton, Garret Dillahunt, Lucas Neff, Shannon Woodward and Cloris Leachman.

Jimmy (Neff) discovers the ramifications of a one-night stand after he becomes a single parent after the mother of Hope receives a death sentence for murdering multiple boyfriends. Jimmy strives to be the parent that his daughter looks up to, but he doesn’t have all the answers. That’s when his parents and friends come to his aide.

The series revolves around what some would consider a white-trash family, but my perception differs.  It’s a family that is dysfunctional; what family isn’t? We all have our odd behaviors or ways that we communicate with one another and this is what makes “Raising Hope” such a treat to watch.

Who could forget that hilarious episode that involved Jimmy, Virginia (Plimpton) and Burt (Dillahunt) all going back to school in hopes of receiving their GED? They work so hard at studying and preparing for the exam. When it is revealed that one of them has passed, they are all ecstatic. The irony strikes when it is revealed that Hope, the little tot, was the only one to pass.

Who can forget the episode where the family focuses on Hope’s future? They all argue their reasons why they would be best equipped to take care of her. It was truly a funny episode where each of them discovered the importance of being independent. We saw Burt teaching his family how to use the iron without getting shocked and Virginia teaching the family how to cook breakfast. We can’t forget about Maw Maw (Leachman), who portrays Hope’s great-great grandmother who borders as an eccentric lose cannon. She takes a shotgun and shoots at the family in the attic who are hiding out from her.

There is a balance to this comedic underdog: laughter, the unexpected and above all, love. They don’t always agree with each other’s motives or antics, but when it comes to family, blood is indeed thicker than water.  Sacrifices are made to protect and ensure the safety of the ones that we love. There is also that ongoing relationship between Jimmy and Sabrina (Woodward) who both work at the local grocery market.

Sabrina’s background is an interesting one as she comes from a family of wealth, but finds herself a bit more at home with Jimmy and around his unorthodox clan. The sparks between the two are obvious, but nothing significant has yet to manifest. In due time, both of these love birds will “see” their connection.  This is the perfect television series for a family to enjoy. The laughs are epic and the audience never quite knows what to expect. “Raising Hope” airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.